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G513IC-HF061T and Wake on LAN

Level 7

I have the model mentioned and I want to use Wake on LAN function. I enabled magic packet on adapter propieties and enabled power management with only one packet, but when I hibernate or power off the laptop, the network interface keeps off.

There is a way to use WoL on this device? On many laptops that not have in BIOS the WoL function anyway I can use it.

Thanks and regards.

Level 9
See if you have fast boot disabled in Windows power management (on the left menu - turn off button behavior).

Is disabled. Still not working

Thanks and regards.

It is possible to add this option on the BIOS?

No support?

Plz help, I need know if is possible that if not to sell this computer and buy another with integrated WoL function.

Customer Service Agent
Hello Krafg:
Sorry for late reply ,there is a easy way to judge this model support WOL or not. please go to BIOS find power management and find Wake-on-lan.
But I think you have already did. Usually, commercial model will support WOL most. Unfortunately, this model didn't support WOL. Thanks