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g512 strix laptop no sound after windows 11 update

Level 7
asus rog g512 strix laptop

i did an update about a week ago and the sound stopped working. ive tried everything possible i found online to fix this issue and nothing works. i just cant get sound to play period. but when i restart the laptop it plays the logo sound but once in windows no sound at all. please help.

Can you post a screenshot of the devices in your sound settings within control panel? Just the playback tab is enough for now


Hi angelusnhc

What I'd try is disabling Speakers and see if this gives you sound.

If this doesn't give you sound...

Re-eneable Speakers as the default device and disable Headphones.

Does trying this give you sound?

that didnt work. still no sound.


this happened after i upgraded to a beta build for the windows insider program.

All right,

Something easy to try is a system restore to when your laptop had sound.

i got a message from another user and it fixed my problem. thankyou all for the help


1 - You have an ASUS ROG SS3 notebook Gen2, so :

You need Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG SS3 NB Gen2) from the first post of this thread : [DRIVERS] Realtek Audio (NB | Intel 2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx & AMD Ryzen Mobile).

Follow scrupulously your CLEANUP process then your INSTALL process, for the next drivers packages that I would release, you will can directly follow your UPDATE process.

2 - Update your Intel SST Audio Drivers (you need the 4xx one) : [DRIVERS] Intel SST Audio (4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx).

angelusnhc wrote:
i got a message from another user and it fixed my problem. thankyou all for the help


You're welcome, I sent you a PM instead of posting directly in the thread because I didn't want to disturb/encroach the work of the ASUS Support staff team (given that the thread is in the ROG Care category). Glad to hear that everything is working for you again.

I have the same thing. The sound works fine on the speaker, but as soon as I turn it off, it's gone. I don't know what this has to do with it.