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G14 Mediatek no adapter showing

Level 7

1 week old laptop. Bought at (germany). Model: G14 GA401QM-HZ025T

Everything is up to date as on support website. Driver & Software.

I have a really annoying and very strange problem with the integrated Mediatek MT7921 adapter. It occasionally happens, that no adapter is installed in the laptop. Even after a windows restart, nothing changes. And then it appears again out of nowhere.

If the adapter is working i have another issue: Sometimes i can not connect to the Wifi of my router. Either it won't even show up in the list or it shows up but I can't connect.

First laptop vom Asus and so disapointed 😞

My question: Can i buy the following adapter "Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210" and change it without voiding the warranty?


If you change the adapter I would retain the original one. That way if you need to send it in for service you can revert it to the stock hardware. This serves the purpose of not losing your investment if they need to exchange the whole notebook and also doesn't give them cause to question your warranty. I don't know the laws in Germany but in the US it would not void the warranty to swap a slotted part like that.
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Level 12
Hi LtBill,
Do you mean there is no adapter in device manager?
Please make sure the bios version is 408 and the MediaTek WLAN Driver is V3.00.01.1207.
Did it occur after any update or settings changed?
Please use system diagnosis to see if any error with wifi.
I'm afraid if you change the components by yourself may void the warranty.
Thank you.