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Forgot Tuf Fx705DT Bios password ANY RESPONSE APPRECIATED

Level 7
Laptop: Asus Tuf Fx705DT
So like the title says, i forgot my password for the bios, unfortunately it was the Admin one. I can still access as just user, though it basically doesn't let me do anything in it. Is there any way to access or reset the admin password? Asus staff told me that the only way was to flash it or something like that but there was a high chance for the motherboard to be burned and that i'd probably have to buy new motherboard, but thought i'd ask anyway.

Thing's i've tried:
Taking out the battery for around 30 mins.
Pressing Alt+R when asked for bios.

Any respose would be helpful.
Thank you.

Level 12
Is it possible to do this on a laptop?
Disconnect the battery on the main board, then short the positive/negative terminal of the battery holder for about 1 minute, then reinstall the battery. and Reconnect power and power on, enter BIOS, reset time and date and load optimized defaults.

Level 10
Hi there,
Please kindly back up the laptop and send it back to our service center.
Thank you.