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Flow Z13 charging port problem. Already go to service center and this is 3rd time

Level 8
Dear ASUS,
First of all so sorry if I post this. I just speechless this time!

I bought ASUS flow Z13 new in around in October 2022

- the first time, this device could only be used for a few weeks, after that disaster came after a few weeks since the purchase which is a charging port problem, the device cannot be charged. Which I finally took to the nearest service center at that time (ASUS Surakarta). They fixed it in about 2 weeks and the device was working again.

- A few days after the device can be used, the same problem appears again... The same thing... Charging port... The device cannot be charged again... I took it to the service center in my city Bandung Indonesia, and it takes only about 1 week for them to fix it.

- Third time, this time having the same problem again only after a few times of charging I tried ( I didn't count it but it only takes about 4-5 cycles).. Same problem as before, Charging Port! And yes, I always used the original charger that came with the box!

My question is..

1. Is ASUS taking my device seriously or not?

2. Is this the kind of device for me that I have paid almost $2000 for??? Is this the kind of service that I get?

3. I work on some IT company in Jakarta, I recommend all my team to switch from other brand to z13 because this device seems powerful to multitask especially in design, animation and now it seems I myself really regret it . Maybe if it continues like this I will also not be recommending any ASUS products for the future either in our company or for our clients.

4. The real big problem is I just lost my chance when I did a presentation today installed on this Z13 device, and the battery went from 40 to 0% and I couldn't even charge it... My client wasn't impressed at all, and this time all my team is blaming me for this silly mistake It's a hard time and very frustrating for me really....from my point of view its because ASUS can't make good device or good service maybe? Or I hope this time it's just me not to other customers, because I've been using ASUS products for my computer peripherals since 2004, and all is well and good... But this time, you guys really let me down.

5. Now, I don't know what to do... I invested a lot in this device. And what I got is negative feedback from my colleagues caused by this ridiculous thing.

II just want to see how ASUS takes my problem seriously or not. I did write this post to this forum in hope that ASUS could warn the staff in Indonesia. because this is completely unprofessional and a huge waste of my time!

Please, I just want to use the device normally, that's all! But, how can I use it if ASUS can only make great products with fancy lighting but maybe can't make good charging ports? And also don't waste my time to go to the service center again and again.

I would like ASUS to follow up with me by contacting me privately to resolve this problem seriously by phone or WhatsApp. It's already too much for me wasting my time to go again and again to service center.

Thank you.

Level 8

As you can see no charging light

Customer Service Agent
Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Due to further processes involving personal information(SN), please check your inbox and reply to the PM.

There's someone from local ASUS contacting me, let's see if they can solve this problem, I'll keep updating whatever the result is...

sephanont wrote:
There's someone from local ASUS contacting me, let's see if they can solve this problem, I'll keep updating whatever the result is...

It's done... Asus Bandung - Indonesia already solved my problem....

halo mas, makasih banget udah update disini. Z13 saya juga mengalami hal yang sama, kira-kira solusi apalagi ya yang mereka tawarkan selain ganti motherboard? karena rada panik juga nih kalau misalkan garansinya udah abis tapi harus ganti motherboard yang harganya puluhan juta

Level 7

Hi! I had the same problem 3rd in 01.31. Service change the mother board. 1-2 days ago it's the same UBS C down port not charging either via power brick or via XG Moblie. This is the 4 th  times same failure.

Level 7

HI I Have the same problem with my Z13, charger cable is workable with my other device, but wont charge my laptop at all. please advise

The power supply management of rog flow is bad, the only solution is to replace the motherboard

Level 7

replace motherboard on own expenses?