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Fan controller noise included with x670e Extreme.

Level 9
Im trying to use the fan controller included with the x670e Extreme but it creates massive loud coil whines.
When its just connected to usb and power no noise.
As soon as i connect a fan to one of the 4 ports ( controler has 6 but fanxpert ony sees 4.....)
The loud pitch starts.
Its consistent with the fanspeed and dissapears when fan at full speed.
Tried a different 4 pin fan and same result.
Also tried different usb port but no go
Somehow the PWM signal creates lots of noise.

Anyone knows what is going on ? and how to fix?

Hello, frenzyff .

Could you please help confirm the following questions:
- the current version of Fan Xpert and update to the latest version if not.
- does the abnormal sound appear after using Fan Xpert?
which port the fan is connected to will appear to make an abnormal sound?
Or does it happen after operating some software or changing the hardware?
- the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default)
- the brand and model name of the CPU, DRAM, GPU, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build
Please help provide a contextual video so that we can better understand the problem you are currently experiencing.

Thank you.