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FA506QR VEGA 8 VRAM allocation throttling performance.

Level 10
I needed to make a new one otherwise altering the old one would be ignored. Machine is the FA506QR, 5800H, RTX 3070 with the 16gb RAM, 1TB NVME and the 240hz screen.

It is again on the subject of the ridiculously restrictive BIOS.

See when I'm not gaming I tend to watch videos on my TV, through my laptop. My TV is 4k, how the laptop is wired internally makes it run the HDMI port through said VEGA 8 with it's measly 512mb of RAM allocation. Which has to scale the image up to 4k on the TV, the actually core usage isn't too much, but I am finding it is using a constant 99% of the RAM allocation and starting to stutter. It forces the use of my GPU too which is funny cause if my GPU is doing the work with 8GB of RAM and then sending it to the iGPU to output the HDMI port with only 512mb... that is a massive bottleneck. It's not even rendering at 4k, it is literally just upscaling it 4k so it's smooth on my TV at 50hz. I also noticed when running Forza on my TV despite an fps higher than the refresh of the TV, it still stutters.
It isn't a graphical issue as the laptop screen doesn't stutter when I play it on the 240hz screen it has.

Honestly, I really don't think you listened to consumer feedback.
I paid £1500 for a laptop that had it's GPU power hidden due to Nvidia changing name scheme, so I get caught out there. Honestly, with the CPU power, this GPU needs 10w more power at least. I can run max GPU and be tickling the CPUs potential. CPU has a max of 55w and a GPU max of 95w, pretty sure you could allow the GPU more power from a 200w block.
The worlds most restrictive chassis set up for cooling, but that's fine, I took matters into my own hands to let it breathe, the cooling solution isn't actually that bad when the fans spin and it has vents to breath from.
Suffocated by no fan curves of most of the profiles and no way to actually get control of the fans to allow for ambient cooling. ON A GAMING MACHINE. Fan curves are a must, I must have asked for this 5-6 times to get ignored. No feed back on it, no updates just a cheap "I'll pass it on"

And finally I find I can't adjust the Ram allocation of the iGPU to make the most of it when the MOBO forces it's use on the HDMI port. Which slows everything down externally due to the set up.

So £1500 for the laptop, around £100 for all the parts for a custom cooling tray to help keep it cool, £10 on dust screening to keep the machine safe with it's new vents, about £70 for a professional repaste and pads covered by their insurance just in case. That was just to be able to use what the laptop actually has to offer as standard without throttling. Only to find I can't even stably out put 4k to my TV because you won't give the iGPU enough ram for the job. So that's likely another £15-20 for a high speed USB C to HDMI converter so I can watch stuff on my TV.

Literally costing me £1700 in total, to make your machine usable in all situations because you didn't want to do a proper job on any of it or give anyone any access to anything in the BIOS. So where do I send the £200 bill, cause I don't see why I should pay to fix your lame machine when you won't help fix it yourselves?

It needs those 3 things.
HIGHER GPU BOOST (which the fan controls and standard throttling will protect)
ADJUSTABLE VEGA 8 RAM ALLOCATION VIA BIOS ( because your set up sucks and throttles performance at every step)

Stop being tight with everything, actually listen to feedback and legitimately needed requests and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Level 9
Hi there,
Just to let you know that Fan control on your model is under continuous improvement and development.
Let's wait for the future Armoury Crate versions.
And for other suggestion, I have reported to related department.
Thank you for sharing.