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DSL-AX82U Hard reset

Level 8
I would like to know the correct way to hard reset my AX82U.
Also a bit more info for the router ui reset.

To hard reset I read switch off the router hold the wps, till lights go out the push power button, what power button, well it's a switch, so do I switch it off and on again.

A hard reset will clear all NVRam?

The router Ui has reset but has a option, what's the difference, as, "Initialize all the settings, and clear all the data log for AiProtection, Traffic Analyzer, and Web History" should that not be in the default? Just re initialize?

Oh then there is the reset button!


Customer Service Agent
Hi TrebleTA,
Do you mean although change aura light color in UI settings, it only glow red?
Are the rules for playstation NAT been changed and you cannot adjust it?
May I have a video about color and more information about playstation NAT rules?
Thank you.

I will but this in to bits,
1. the RGB I set to blue, but when I first power on the router its red, if the DSL go's down it "USE" to go red. now it stays blue unless I power cycle then it will go until dsl is connected.

2. The Nat I will put a picture its easier to show.
as you see it says platform pc should be PlayStation. also with my PlayStation I can not get open Nat like on the Xbox by using the Rules.

3. I have been getting Wi-Fi disconnects, yet I be almost sitting net to the router on my mobiles and it will drop then reconnect. my kids have not said anything on there Xbox yet will ask. my PlayStation is wired like my pc. my mobiles are a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Samsung S20 FE

Customer Service Agent
Hi TrebleTA,
For RGB, if you power cycle the router, it would be red at first, and then stayed blue as your setting?
For NAT and wifi disconnection, please reset the router with "Initialize..." option checked, and then check them again.
Thank you.

Rgb is red untill dsl is connected then turns my colour, yet if dsl connection is lost it will stay my colour. But if the dsl go's down it use to go red on the older firmware, as it was one of the first things I noticed that was cool.

The nat problem is your pre defined rule. Reset will not solve that. It should show platform playstation, Not pc.

Wifi problems, it seem its just the one device thats connected via the wifi6 the Samsung s20fe. It will randomly drop.

New problem with dsl.90862
The dsl is not reconnecting nor is the system logs showing that the dsl is down.

Customer Service Agent
Hi TrebleTA,
Did open NAT only show pc option at first you got this router or after update to
If you disable wifi6, the Samsung s20fe will also disconnect? Is the firmware of Samsung s20fe up to date?
For the router disconnected, please check the dsl line first.
If it is working fine, please power recycle the router or reset the router.
Thank you.

Hi and just want to say thanks again for the support.

The Open nat, I did not try that rule in the older fw sorry.

It just seem to be that device will drop for a seconed or 2 then reconnect, the fw of the device is lastest. Will have to check her mobile just in case it's something I'm missing.

If the connection of the dsl is droped for x reason yet the router is still seeing the line is active, as shown in picture above. yet its not sending the dsl wan login to reconnect. Maybe it's something BT are up too with the sky boatdband line. But yes power cycle fixs it or even in the picture above in wan and just disable then reconnect wan. Just you would think the router would be smart enouth to detect that wan was lost, unless I have set it up incorrectly. Yet it's the only the seconed time I've seen that happen. Other times it reconnected.

Customer Service Agent
Hi TrebleTA,
After consulted our tech team, the screenshot of OpenNAT you provided is manual setting.
You can only setup one service setting for manual setting once, so there is only one option of the platform.
If you select the game option, the settings would be same as in the link below.
However, there are some popular games in the list.
If your game is not in the list, please select manual and setup by yourself.
For WAN disconnection, please refer to the following link to set up network detection and then see if it will reconnect after disconnected.
Thank you.

Picture I posted was not manual mode, as you should be able to tell, but the pre defined rule that you even have highlighted, if you selected it then you would see that playstation was not there yet it's a playstation rule, so kind of a rubbish responce by you. I give you video prof of stuff yet i get reply like I'm just here to make all this up, I think not.. now your just wasting my time.
You talk like I dont know what I'm doing and answers with silly guides, yet I now think I'm chatting to someone with no real expertise of anything as you just seem to forward everthing on like Chinese whispers. Really not impressed.

Maybe it would help if you had each department with there own thread than people with all asus problems reporting to one person.
Sorry just feel I'm not getting anywere none of my problems have been address. I now have a ipv6 router that I cant use ipv6 and vpn. Wifi6 that will randomly disconnect. QOS have to set manual to work. Etc etc etc....

Customer Service Agent
Hi TrebleTA,
If the screenshot is not from your device, please capture a screenshot again.
For Wifi6 random disconnection, could you please send feedback from UI when the Samsung s20fe disconnecting and then share me the disconnecting time and the firmware version of the phone?
Please also consult Samsung so see if there is any compatible issues on phone via log.
For ipv6 and VPN, VPN only supports ipv4(It is controlled by VPN service itself), and ipv6 would no be blocked.
For QoS, Adaptive QoS/Traditional QoS/Bandwidth limiter are not effective meanwhile, and it seems set manual is more effective for your scenario.
Thank you.