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Crosshair VIII Hero Fan Speed control doesn't work

Level 7
I've been trying to get fan speed control on fan headers other than CPU/CPU_OPT/AIO Pump working using the BIOS (I'd like to run Linux and have the fans/water pump speed up based on coolant temperature).

I can control the speeds the way I'd like from Windows using Fan Xpert4, but when I tune the same settings in the BIOS and boot Linux, the fan speeds don't change as the coolant temperature goes up. The same happens in Windows if I uninstall Fan Xpert4.

I'd really like to use this system dual boot and have the fan speeds respond to the temperature sensor input. I've had this motherboard for 1.5 years now and there has never been an update that fixes this.

I also tried only using the fan headers that seem to work, but the CPU fan header won't let me base the fan speed/duty cycle on the t_sensor input, so it's not very useful.