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Crosshair VIII Dark Hero NVMe instability

Level 8
BIOS 3501
AMD 5950x
128GB DDR4
RTX 3090
2x NVME M2 (Samsung 980 Pro 1TB)

My system had been running smoothly for a couple of months now. Today, when I start my system, it hangs on POST at the boot stage. After doing some basic debugging, I've found that as long as I *only* have the first M2 slot occupied, my system will post. If I connect my PCIe SSD or my second M2 SSD, the system hangs at the post screen (PRESS DEL or F2 TO ENTER UEFI BIOS) for a few minutes before it reboots and repeats.

I also noticed that when I leave just the first M2 slot occupied, my wireless keyboard and mouse no longer work in the BIOS. They don't get activated until my system boots into Windows.

Upon investigating the Windows Event Viewer, I'm also now seeing some hardware failure events in the System log, for my WiFi controller, specifically. Prior to today there are no such events.

Is there any hope for help? Hardware is so difficult to come by these days. Worried I'm going to be stuck like this for a while.

Level 7
That sounds like a hardware error on the motherboard mate. Sorry 😕 Get it replaced.

Level 9
Have you tried with a different NVME ?

I'd suggest resetting your BIOS to defaults and seeing if that helps with the issue...

I've switched over to the AMD platform after being on Intel for years and really not impressed with the amount of tinkering required to get it to run stable. USB issues, Random reboots to name a few ...

Best of luck !