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Crosshair VIII Dark Hero audio not working with realtek drivers

Level 7
I'm having an issue where i cannot hear any audio at all when i have the realtek audio drivers installed.
Spotify won't play songs when using the rear speaker (analog) output.
No chance to test digital.

Audio plays through my logitech wireless headphones with no issues.

If i uninstall the drivers then i get audio from the rear output.

Anyone having same issues or offer any advice?


Customer Service Agent
Hi esgargoth,

May I know the bios version and the realtek audio driver version you installed?
Did it occur after new realtek audio drivers installed?
Have you tried different speakers(analog)?
Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the delay i had to go afk for work.
bios version is 3702 (didn't realise a new one had dropped yet)
realtek driver Version 6.0.8960.1
I have tried different speakers but nothing works.
The speakers work just fine when the realtek drivers are not installed and only generic microsoft drivers install, it's very strange.
forgive me if i take some days to reply, i work in remote locations some days.

Customer Service Agent
Hi esgargoth,

Did it occur after any update?
Have you restored bios to all default settings and checked if there was still no sound?
May I have the OS version and OS build?
Could you please update to the latest bios 3801 and then try again.
Thank you.

O lord i am too dumb to be left alone....
i solved it, i am using a 5.1 surround system and have all the jacks plugged in.
i simply had to tell it that it was a 5.1 system and now it works perfectly......
Forgive me for being so dumb....

although the software only playing sound when it has the exact jack config is a little strict i would say.

EDIT...... not totally solved
it wasn't the audio config choice, it was disabling the sound effects in the realtek software...
when i check that box i get sound, if i enable them everything stops...
i have sound now but no sound effects...
the mystery deepens.....

Level 7
Hi, i apologise about the time it takes to respond.
this time i managed to get myself deported then couldn't return due to covid.

The issue still stands.

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H1
Installed on ‎30/‎05/‎2021
OS build 19043.1415
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

realtek info:

audio driver version 6.0.8960.1
ui version

i just updated the bios to latest version also, still no change.

The only change i noticed is when i remove the front HDaudio connecter from the board and plug in the 3.5mm speaker jack, it then asks me which jack i plugged in but refuses to play sound.
even spotify says cannot play this file, although will happily play it on any other device *digital, external dax)

Customer Service Agent
Hi esgargoth,
If you have tried bios 3904 with all default settings and Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.8960.1, please backup your personal files and reinstall windows and only install Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.8960.1.
Thank you.

Level 7
Hi, and thanks for all the help.
So, i installed windows in a new drive and installed all drivers etc and lo and behold it worked just fine... THEN... i booted up the regular drive with problems and for some unknown reason it is working perfectly... no issue at all with headphones or speakers or anything. i can't explain it.

So thank you for all your help and i guess we can mark this one as solved.

Hope you all had a wonderful xmas and new year.

Customer Service Agent
Hi esgargoth,
Thank you for your reply and happy new year!