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CPU multiplier incorrect Prime B560M-A AC

Level 12
I read up on turbo boost 2.0 and also saw in HWinfo that the speed is being clipped due to Intel limit built in to the cpu. So never mind, no need for help after all.



I have the i5 10400F processor which has a turbo speed of 4.3. In the B560M-A AC with default bios settings bios version 0820, the cpu never gets to 4.3. With the power plan set to high performance and minimum processor state 100%, the cpu speed fluctuates near 4.0/4.1/4.2 sometime dropping even lower. This occurs at low load idle conditions and at high load like while benchmarking. CPU Temps are fine, idles around 30-32C, under heavy load like benchmarks it stays under 70C. I don't know what to suspect, windows and software have been working fine and I have rechecked and reinstalled some system drivers, used windows power troubleshooter, and performed other maintenance and I don't see any problem that could cause this behavior. System specs are in my ROG profile. More details and a video showing the behavior posted in this thread:

DISREGARD , no problem actually. Intel Turbo Boost 2, its a marketing gimmick saying its a 4.3 turbo boost, at least with this cpu.