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Could ASUS engineers come upfront and offer all G513QY a clarification?

Level 11
Example of data online:

Problem: random reboots, in some cases happening in idle situation in other cases happens right after closing GPU intensive application/game.

Fact: More and more owners of G513QY Advantage Edition reporting this problem
Concern: ASUS did not come up front and admitted the problem nor offered clear solution.

Humble Opinion: Problem laying somewhere within drivers/software, because some drivers will last hours, other days, others will crash few times per hour and cause multiple random reboots more than others.

Background Story:
I been a long time ASUS consumer, my PC had ASUS board, my ex laptop was ROG powerful gaming laptop and for 2021, I decided proceed again with ASUS. I really wanted G513QY Advantage Edition, as it was not available in my country (Tbilisi, Georgia), I bought it online from BestBuy, when it arrived this Sept 24, the laptop right away shown problematic signs, by random restarting it self, in idle situation or upon exiting GPU intensive stuff like gaming, not always but time to time it happened. Week through calls and emails with ASUS and BestBuy, I been told that this laptop has US only warranty and hence, I cannot ask the official service center of ASUS for help under warranty, although I have such a service center very close to my apartment in Tbilisi. Going online, I found LOTS of people reporting they got such issues with this laptop model, heck, even my friend here in Tbilisi, he also bought the same model online from BestBuy he also had multiple random reboots, although he managed to stop it with a particular AMD driver, I tried this driver for me it didnt stop the reboots. Day back, I ran complete format and fresh win10 reinstall, had 3 reboots in few hours, now testing Microsoft certified AMD driver from ASUS 27.20.22001.19001, so far half day through no reboots, but I already tried ASUS drivers and AMD direct drivers and had reboots before, so need to see what happens next days, week to really determine anything, but another issue with this ASUS driver for GPU, is that it lower performing driver, it losses 1000 points on FireStrike compared to AMD's 21.8 driver as example. Yet, lets see if it at least fixes the reboots, my faith isnt high as I tested ASUS driver before and had reboots, but maybe on fresh OS, something would change, yet cant be excited since already had 1.5-2 days without reboots then it came back. No CLEAR solution from AMD/ASUS is the major issue, as we wasting so much time on this guess work.

I hope ASUS would come upfront and help myself and so many other owners of this laptop with a clear cut solution, because its very frustrating all this guess work.

P.S. I even tried to buy new RAM and put instead the stock ram, same reboots issue, so its not RAM. I didn't even mention the artifacts in Call of Duty Cold War that both my friend and I have, doesnt matter what drivers.

Example of artifacts:

Level 11
UPDATE: 2.5 Days lasted in stable state, and crashed and self rebooted again, shortly after playing and closing battlefield game. So the same problems as before.

So far no official solution to me and other owners of this laptop with this random reboot issues, we hope ASUS would approach this problem and offer a solution soon.

Model: G513QY Advantage Edition

Level 10
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