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Computer damaged (AGAIN) when returned from RMA and problems not fixed

Level 7
I have had a new computer for about 3 months now, and since owning it it has been a complete joke of a product, as well as the support involved. I have had 2 RMA's both of which the computer came back with physical damage and neither solving the problems the computer was sent in for. Last time I received my computer back in the wrong windows language, only for it to happen again as well this time. I gave specific instructions as to what was going wrong with the computer as well as the windows language and settings it should be reset as (US factory reset..). Last time I was given a French reset, this time, the reset is English (UK.....) but the keyboard is in French with no way to change it. The screen had dust all over it with some scratches as well due to the dust, which I find incredible considering they should know how to ship a computer properly??? Not only that but there is a large dent on the right side USB port, which looks like someone dropped or smashed something into it.....

Not only that but I was told that I would be informed of the repair process as last time I was given no information, once again, I was told nothing, not what the problems were, not how they tried to fix it, absolutely nothing. I can only say I really wouldn't recommend ASUS products to anyone. Not only do they not fix your problems, but you have to deal with their abysmal support and go without a computer for 2-3 weeks, just so the problem isn't fixed when the computer finally is returned.

I have emailed ASUS support online and talked to people on their support website, each time I have to wait about 5 days for them to get back, and all they really do is redirect you to someone else. I really hope someone can help me with this, as I personally have lost all faith in ASUS as a company via their support and products.