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Can Someone help me fix my computer?

Level 7
So I have been trying to have my "brand" new laptop fixed for about 1.5 months now. its only 2.5 months old. After back and forth messages from ASUS and a failed RMA, I sent another email to ASUS support :



I am sending this email according to the FR ASUS support personal I
talked to. My new laptop, service number: JANRCV02D640426 has been
having lots of issues. I followed through with original support help
and updated/reinstalled all the graphics cards and BIOS. Then as the
problem was still occurring I did a hard factory reset. The problem
was still occurring so I sent it in for RMA. The repair number was

I received my computer back a few days ago and the problem is still
occurring. Not only did the technicians not seem to fix my computer,
but they seemed to have only done a factory reset and now instead of
being in windows 10 English, my computer language is in French and I
can barely use it, or change it. I also discovered damage on the
topside of the computer, a small indent just below the logo, after
receiving it back from repairs. So not only did they not fix the
problem but they have damaged it as well. Not only that but yesterday
my computer keyboard back-light failed, and I was unable to get it to
work. It randomly started working today (the next day).

I have never dropped or tried to "mod" my laptop in any form, and have
only used it for League of Legends, design work (sketchup, v-ray
rendering, and blender). I like this computer but I really need a new
one, or to have this one fixed, yet I am almost sure its a hardware or
the laptop itself malfunction. I have been trying to fix this for over
a month and a half now...

I bought this in the US as I needed a laptop for work before I left
for France. My French isn't very good, and I need a working computer
in English. It was bad enough the week i didn't have it.

I can been reached on my french phone number at: ***********
or this email *************

This is a link to some youtube videos of all the problems, as I am
unable to attach them to the email itself:



This was the reply I received:


"Hello Sir ********,

Thank you for requesting support from Asus.

From your message about the SN JANRCV02D640426, I understand that you received the computer in French against it was in English and you bought it in the USA.

I also note that you received the damaged package

In order to be able to offer you the right solution, please have a look at the photos of the damage to the computer and photos of the packaging, 6 sides to the outside and inside.

Regarding the system, please send us a photo of the system property

We remain at your disposal, Sir ******, for any additional questions.
In case of response, thank you to keep the history of our email exchanges for this request.

As part of the continuous improvement of our quality of service, you are likely to receive a satisfaction questionnaire. We invite you to complete it.

Thank you for your confidence,

Wishing you a good day. cordially

Imen_B, from the Asus Advisors Team

SAV Asus France Hotline: 01 70 94 94 00

Hotline : (Prix d'un appel local)"


Not only do they not address the main issue of the display malfunction, but the reply itself is barely intelligible. Not only that but the videos I posted and linked, as per requested by online support as the videos were to large to attach in an email, have had 0 views. Which brings me to question if support even read the email fully, as without seeing the videos, how would they know what the problem is. Maybe that is why the first RMA failed to begin with....

I am extremely frustrated and angry with ASUS support as I need a working computer for work. Or even just a computer that works as it is supposed to. I also would like some help to try and get the 3 year extended warranty as I feel as I will need it, but am unable to call the number in the US as I am in France. Can anyone help with that either?

Level 10
Hello Alex,
I have replied you through PM.
Thank you for messaging me.