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Brand New ROG Strix B550-E Q-Code 00 and no post or Q-LED LED lights.

Level 7
I recently purchased a ROG Strix B550-E brand new, but not from a retailer, so no way to RMA or return it. It hasn't even made it to a case yet, only my wetbench. It will not boot/post and only gives Q Code 00 no matter what. Also, no LEDs lit or light up at all on Q LED and no beeps at all from the speaker. I've tried it with a single stick of RAM in every slot, with or without the 3700x I also purchased (3700x verified to work fine in a MSI x570 Board), I have pulled the CMOS battery for 20 minutes or so and put it back in, I've tried 3 different PSU's from a 750 Watt no name, to a Corsair 1000w with no change (All of which are verified to work just fine). I have literally tried everything I know to get it to at least spit out a different code, but it remains unchanged. I'm thinking I've got a dead board on my hands, but i figured I'd see if anyone out there has any suggestions. I am able to flash the bios with the flashback feature and I've tried several and a few several times with no luck. Any suggestions? I think there is a problem with the power delivery from the 8 pin to the CPU, but I haven't put my multimeter to anything yet.

Level 7
Going to state something obvious to check here sorry. THat CPU doesn't come with integrated graphics so you need to connect display via a graphics card and not the motherboard connectors.