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Brand new ROG Flow X16 - 1000's of WHEA event 17 errors - Event log details...

Level 7

I think i'm going to have to retun this device, as I can't find any clear solution to this issue.

I'm getting litterally 1000's of these errors. The laptop is frequently stuttering. Having searched the internet I've seen it suggested that I disable PCI Express > Link State Power Management. I have done this, and the issue persists. All drivers are up to date and so is the BIOS.

Details posted in the event log are below - Can anyone suggest a solution before I return the thing?



Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger
Date: 10/11/2022 16:44:58
Event ID: 17
Task Category: None
Level: Warning
A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Component: PCI Express Root Port
Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

Primary Bus:Device:Function: 0x0:0x2:0x4
Secondary Bus:Device:Function: 0x0:0x0:0x0
Primary Device Name:PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_14B8&SUBSYS_1F921043&REV_00
Secondary Device Name:
Event Xml:







I am wondering if this is mainly best buy units or 3060 units . I have tried 2 units from best buy and would love to find out since i really like the laptop and if the 3070 is safe ill spend the extra and order one from Asus estore . Hoever if this is on all of them then maybe i just return and wait for the 2023 version since Asus denied my rma since the rep didnt seem to be aware of the problem and wouldnt look for this thread when i kept trying to refer to it .

Level 7

is this 3060 only or do 3070ti have it to ?

My Unit, which I returned was the 3070ti model, the replacement unit - also a 3070ti - runs perfect, no issues at all... 🙂

Thankyou .Have yoou checked to see if it has the same model ssd and or if their are any other differences that i may be able to look out for ?

Hey a3dp, 
The replacement came with the same Micron 3400 1TB M.2, I added a 2TB Kingston SKC 3000 and have had no issues like the previous one. At present its running exceptionally well 🙂

Other things you may want to consider... 

  • I replaced the Wifi/bluetooth card with an intel one, lots of people report that the intel one performs much better.
  • The screen is amazing (the OLED), it really is impressive! 
  • I've found the battery life to be very good, and i've not really done much in the way of optimisation.
  • Its loud if you are running games alot, but that's to be expected, its a beast of a laptop
  • when running on slient mode and browsing, i've found it to be totally silent!
  • Oh and dont miss the second USB-C port that's hidden behind the plastic cover on the lefthand side, i did!

I use this laptop for pretty much everything and overall i'm happy with it, it is heavy to transport, but I din't mind because its to be expected with the power, comes weight!

Hope that helps a little, if you have any specific questions, let me know 🙂


Thankyou . i had a g14 that the battery swelled in so i got a strix scar and it has a 12900h but i cannot take the battery life. This laptop is i think the only one on market like it i was almost gonna give up but after reading oyur last post i am going to go for it . Last question did you cheack for whea before you changed anything on the new one ? i have to drive few hrs to do the exchange so if i want to know if i shoudl try checking on the spot or if i shoudl change out the wifi and put new ssd right away . I have a ssd i can swap it wih or maybe i will buy a p31 gold ssd as its the best for batery life .  @Falcon2_ROG  do you have any advice on how to increase chance of not getting a third unit with the same problems ? I really feel like asus needs to fix this or do better since this is def deterring alot of buyers that cannot afford downtime . If i had known these issus i would have not started down this path .

Yeah, first thing i did with the new one was check the event viewer for WHEA errors, before I made any changes. On the first one it was obvious there was an issue as there were loads (like multiple entries every second!). The new one has one or two every now and then (like 10 in 15 days), and i've no issue with stability or anything. 

It should be obvious checking the event viewer if there are issues. 

@littlebloke how did you get yours replaced? Service centre just returned mine with the thousands of whea 17 errors still happening. They relaoded windows, that's it. 

@N4the :  if you're having problems with the ASUS repair office, suggest posting in the service-related inquiries section below.  Thanks.

I've owned this laptop for nearly 4 months now, & used it for less than 4 weeks (during which it kept BSODing, slowing down & having various crashes, but passing all diagnostics). The rest of the time I have either been reloading windows etc & rebuilding it, or it has been backwards & forwards from the third party "repair" company that ASUS uses for warranty repairs in the UK. If you buy one of these, check the event logs as soon as you get it, & if it has these errors, return it to the seller immediately. Buy something else...