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both Bios not working at all!

Level 7
Hey all,

I have had this issue with the last 2 versions of bios, where i can not enter the bios at all. I have the 2 versions available but none work. The system just hangs when you press the F2 or delete key. If you manage to get passed that you are presented with a screen that has funny shapes and colours on the top. thats all, see image. Im not sure what to do here as I need to enable my new M.2 drive to install alongside my main one. I have emailed Asus but lets see. anyone else had a similar issue?

the machine is upto date on bios, I use the USB way of updating it. It is currently 3403.


system is

Intel i9 9940x
Asus Rampage Extreme Omega VI
Corsair DDR4 64GB

Level 13
Ive seen this posted elewhere on an X299 Strix board. Person had to pull AIC raid card to get into BIOS and make some settings changes.
Are you running any AIC cards other than GPU?