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Big PC Freezing issues with my z790 e gaming wifi

Level 8

I have a Big Problem with my asus z790 e gaming wifi, setup.

here is my computer specs:

windows 10 64 bit home
intel i9 13900k Processor
z790 e gaming wifi motherboard
kingston fury beast 6000mhz 2x 16 gb ram
rtx msi 4090 x gaming trio
dark power pro be quiet 850 watt

The Problem is, that there are random freezes where the mouse stops working and the screen is on and the pc runs normal, but everything is frozen.
the only solution is, to hard reset it to restart it again.

the problem , that i can play a game like the witcher 3 for 6 hours and nothing happens it runs withouth a problem.
or portal rtx i played it for 2 hours without a problem. i can run all the stress tests on fur mark or even on MARK3d from steam without a problem.

i testes everything from ram to ssd to graphics card i made all the stress tests with aida64 with furmark i made cpu stress tests with prime95 . i testes all my ssds there is no problem with them either.

i tested all options in the bios to prevent freezing:

i turned off:

native aspm
xmp off
asus multicore management
intel adaptive boost

i also tried different settings without any luck like deactivating every OC options like turbo mode or c states, or sd write etc.
still freezing.

the result from cinebench for my setup is 37.000

all the drivers are updated completely from asus.
i also made the asus realtek hd firmware update for my board .. i first thought that was the issue.
i tried turning off gsync and using only one monitor. problem still there.
i tried turning off all power settings in windows to prevent it from freezing.

the last time when it froze it showed the code 36 on the mainboard.
it appears also that the freezes more often happen when in idle.

i know that there is a stability problem with my system, but i dont know exactly what is is.
maybe there is a function in my mainboard bios that causes the freezing computer problem because there are too many i'm not sure exactly what it could be -.- maybe someone has an idea what else could cause this problem or what setting i could try ?

Any help on this woould be greatly appreciated 🙂9679196792967939679496795967969679796798

Level 8

Intel Management Interface.. I downloaded and installed the latest version during bios update a few months ago.. however there was a NEWER version I did not have now a few months later.   

This was the culprit.. no more issues   

CCleaner has a driver scan function now.. download for free and check your drivers, I had a handful of out of date drivers, despite windows update, nvidia, etc




bro, which version a u using  Intel Management Interface? i have the same issue of manys of others, and i found in event that have a lots of error ACPI?

I'm using version  with BIOS 0812   

I'm afraid of trying their new 1003 BIOS as I've heard it can fry components and possibly the entire PC, not to mention they will not warranty your board if you have issues after a BIOS update and this version will NOT allow you to roll back to a previous version because of some Bull S#!t WiFi law in Japan

Try "Sync All Cores" in BIOS to resolve the random freezing issue, as detailed in my following post.. so far it's working for me, so I don't have to run out and spend more money on another board right away.. even though I will one day just for piece of mind and and being more proud not to have the ASUS name in my personal rig anymore.. They can definitely afford to take better care of their customers and they are clearly choosing not to.

the newest BIOS for z790-e is 0904,a u sure we are saying the same ? i m gonna return to get HERO instead, but , idk

I should have been more clear.. I have the z790-A Prime Wifi  so their may be differences in the versions of course..  however I understand the freezing issue applies to multiple motherboards from ASUS even back to z690 and prior. Honest advise.. I would not blow your money on the Hero board or any other ASUS board for that matter, especially for all the problems everyone is having with them right now.. If you want better quality check out the EVGA Dark Kingpin... z690 is only 399 right now for an $800 board TOP TIER QUALTIY and specs that can easily be flashed for 13th gen and blows any other board out of the water with the power phases, rotated socket and quality of capacitors etc.. not to mention great service.. If you want to spend that much you can consider their z790 Dark Kingpin or Classified edition. ASUS has great marketing hence their market share but quality and QC are down the toilet.. no way would I roll the dice with my money like that again.. Check out the specs of the EVGA z690 compared to any z790 and the EVGA z690 will crush it

Level 8


Sync All Cores in Bios

- Advanced Settings - AI Tweaker

There is an option "Performance Core Ratio"

- Select "Sync All Cores" 

= this is considered a type of overclock. However it just matches the voltage, etc. to all cores and prevents power fluctuations between the cores. I have actually noticed a significant performance increase in my FPS while gaming with the same temps as before with no adverse affects. This solution has solved many peoples random freezing issues at idle or under a low load, such as a web browser being open. I do still believe this is a motherboard issue from Asus but so far I have not had a freeze after doing this. 

Another possible option I have heard of, is disable the c-state. I do not currently have instructions on this. 

Even if this resolves my issue I will be avoiding Asus products in the future, do to the fact the quality and quality control and service has been going down the last few years and they are clearly just after our money now and don't care about anything else.. Here are two videos for a deeper explanation.  Hope this helps 

JayzTwoCents - YouTube - I'm sorry ASUS... but you're fired!

Gamers Nexus - YouTube - Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer


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