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[MUST READ Before posting in this section]

Please follow the rules stipulated below if you wish to post in this section:1. Please ONLY post here if you have already contacted customer service and have an open case ID or RMA, and: a. You have not heard back from the customer service team for o...

Bahz by Level 12
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ASUS damaged my laptop and won’t take responsibility

ASUS damaged my laptop and won’t take responsibility Sent my Asus laptop in for a warranty repair(screen was washed out) and repair facility damaged my laptop(dent in bottom half)..My laptop was in there facility for 9 days before they contacted me a...

Over 2 months repair (Still waiting)

About 2 months ago my Asus laptop shut off and would not turn back on. I decided to not deal with the annoyance of finding the issue and fixing it since I still had warranty. Later that day I printed out an RMA sheet and sent the laptop to Asus for r...

ASUS Australia - Warranty not being honored

I have recently sent my laptop G752VY back to ASUS Australia authorized repair center while my warranty was still valid. Laptop was sent back in the same state as sent it. Issue is that laptop wont boot up. Gets to a certain point and then freezes wi...


Advanced RMA for Maximus VIII Hero

Hello,I created a support ticket about my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard (paired with an I5-6600K) having freezing issues when in the middle of games. Using the computer for other tasks (such as research or Word) seems to be no issue so it must be und...

ASUS Rog Strix GL702ZC RMA

Good Morning,I recently bought an Asus Rog GL702ZC. And after 2 weeks of use, I suddenly hear some crispy noise and then a lot of smoke went out of the laptop.I understand that bad things like this could happen. I have an RMA for it and the laptop ha...

ASUS 970PRO Gaming/Aura Support Loop

I need some help regarding an ASUS product. I purchased an ASUS 970 GAMING/AURA motherboard back in May from NewEgg and it has now decided to start producing some weird issues. I contacted ASUS Holland about it and they said that for an RMA, I needed...

Eleiyas by Level 10
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I"m disappointed with the quality and support so far.

Last week bought my new PG348Q.Out of the box I got very bad Backlight Bleed. I've trying to get used to it, it is very hard, I feel that this monitor is way overpriced for it to have such a big flaw.Wrote to support on asus, they said ask local comp...

_H0PE_ by Level 7
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