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[MUST READ Before posting in this section]

Please follow the rules stipulated below if you wish to post in this section:1. Please ONLY post here if you have already contacted customer service and have an open case ID or RMA, and: a. You have not heard back from the customer service team for o...

Bahz by Level 12
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RMA - AUAAK10419 - Damaged CPU socket upon return from RMA

Hi GuysI just received my board back from RMA.I sent it in with a damaged socket, around two pins bent and was told it was all fixed and upon receiving it today and taking the foxconn cover off the slot, I was presented with this.So, whoever put the ...

Asus rma nightmare

Good Morning,I come here to share what is happening to me.On the 27th of November I went to the store to deliver an Asus Rog Strix Z370-i motherboard because it did not start. In the store they checked the motherboard and CPU pins and everything was ...

1080ti ROG declined warranty

I bought an 1080ti ASUS ROG about 14 months ago. Couple a weeks ago my PC screen went dark, not reacting to anythig and GPU fans start running @ 100%. Had to force restart PC. I could not connect the GPU to other PC or slot, but I did installed other...

RMA been rejected

Hello all. i hope you can help me out with my issue i'm having. i sent my motherboard out about 3 months ago there was a really annoying coil whine/buzzing coming from CPU/VRM area it only happens when i was download a game on steam or watching Netfl...

G752VS - 5 RMA's, problems still persist [Resoved]

Greetings, fellow ROG owners and Asus enthusiasists,The time is nigh, and I'm in dire need of your advice. To summarize the topic: I had bought my laptop in March 2017, it had been in perfect working order for nearly 2 months and then everything star...

Thaladar by Level 7
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Support sending me in circles.

The story goes like this:I buy a product from Komplett: Z390-FThe product is listed as part of the Nordic COD BO4 Campaign.I get my product, and I want to get my COD BO4 code.I go to the site and try to redeem my promotion code.I get an error on step...

YungSpu by Level 7
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BUYER BEWARE: The last Asus/ROG product I'll ever buy...

I've loved Asus products since I bought my first laptop. I've had so little problems with them I thought they were as invincible as a 90's nokia phone. Until my first gaming laptop, the GL503V. This laptop was my *baby*. I took extra sweet care of th...

kashka by Level 7
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Asus Aura Terminal

Got the aura terminal beginning of the month. just finished my build around the 15th... fired everything up to find two of the diodes on one of the led strips faulty. no problem call tech support get it resolved..... nope, the tech tells me they cant...

Cdr2129 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 1080TI Warranty DECLINED

Hello!I am a customer currently living in Hungary where I bought this graphics card in October of 2017. Last week my graphics card stopped working and so I contacted Asus Hungary by e-mail on Monday to ask if I should return the graphics card directl...

Blushfy by Level 7
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