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[MUST READ Before posting in this section]

Please follow the rules stipulated below if you wish to post in this section:1. Please ONLY post here if you have already contacted customer service and have an open case ID or RMA, and: a. You have not heard back from the customer service team for o...

Bahz by Level 12
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Service center taking too long

I purchased a ASUS Rog Strix Scar II on 17th Nov' 2019 with global warrenty of 2 years. Everything was running smooth except the power adapter overheating. I informed the shop from which I bought the laptop. After 13 days of purchasing suddenly the d...

In need of responsible ASUS support

Hello,I bought a GL504GM on February 2019 and sent it to ASUS support on 6 December 2019 because of overheating issue, poor GPU performance and audio jack malfunction. I received it on 18 December 2019 and several hours after receipt, the laptop shut...

EvanG by Level 7
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Fx553 faulty laptop with no help from service center!!!

I bought a fx553vd gaming laptop from Asus and they gave me an entirely faulty product. Went to servicing 5 times already. Changed my motherboard in the first servicing which didn't help and then they said my hard disk has bad sectors fixed that and ...

Tbuksh by Level 7
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Motherboard damaged while being RMA'd for repair?

So I sent my B450-F MB to ASUS for warranty RMA because I got the yellow DRAM issue. Got an email back saying the warranty is void because of customer induced damage? WTF? So I look at the pic they sent me and it showing a scratch on a mounting hole....

dano357 by Level 7
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Helpdesk / Support no respons for weeks

Heya Asus/ROGI've made a helpdesk case the 2020-01-06 and all i've heard is 1 unhelpful response and for weeks have i tried to respond to it, but not been able to reply to it due to the reply button does not work (Tried in both Firefox,IE,Edge,Chrome...

Asus RMA Problems.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this, but I put in my case number and did everything right for the RMA, and it says that the serial number and the RMA number are undefined. I got the serial number when I called Asus support a month ago....

Veggim by Level 7
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Forced restart with normal typing

I have an ROG Strix Scar edition and I had an issue with the "G" and "T" keys force restarting the computer when pressed. This is my first ROG product and expected more, for not even owning the machine for a year yet, maybe 8 months tops. I brought i...

RMA created by ASUS support but no email

Hi Guys,I have an RMA number created by support and when I went to create an online RMA is said I already had one. How do I get this process started ? The RMA number is: * edited by cl-Albert 1/27/20 *Thank you very much for all of your help.

1mluer by Level 11
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Asus FX504GM Hard Freeze

Hello,I've been having hard freeze on my new Asus FX504GM and after sending it to repair 4 times (they changed almost every part of the hardware) over 3-4 months the hard freeze still persists. It's frustrating because this is a new laptop I'd bought...

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