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[MUST READ Before posting in this section]

Please follow the rules stipulated below if you wish to post in this section:1. Please ONLY post here if you have already contacted customer service and have an open case ID or RMA, and: a. You have not heard back from the customer service team for o...

Bahz by Level 12
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Seems to be a theme, can't submit RMA

As mentioned several times by others here, I am getting the same message when trying to submit my RMA. "It looks like your serial number(SN:undefined)has already been issued an RMA."This is a brand new unopened retail board that I just purchased in S...

ASUS Strix Fusion Wireless headphones

Hello guys. I am not a gaming person, but I am a mom of the son who is. My story is very common, I beleive: I was cleaning his desk, and somehow cleaned it together with USB dongle. No need to say how sad is my son, he loves his headphones so much. ...

Yulia_A by Level 7
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Quick Fix & Checkup Taking Over a Month

I have condensed my questions and complaints down to these:What is wrong with my computer?/What is taking so long?Are there any real updates for my laptop besides "still in repairs"?Will I get my data back?Can you ensure my laptop coming back in bett...

RMA Issues

Yup, like a lot of other people in these subforums, I'm having the same issue where, after filling out the online RMA form, it automatically brings me to a page telling me that I've already submitted an RMA form (I've never submitted an RMA with ASUS...

Approaching 2 Months for Battery Replacement

Have a GX501 I sent in back in August that was received by ASUS on 9/1/2020. The battery was swelling up, pushing the keyboard up from the chassis. Out of warranty but I decided to send it in any way and have ASUS sort out the problem for whatever th...

Disappointed with Customer Service

i have always been loyal to asus and asus rog... I have had over 5 laptops, along with 3 motherboards, rapture, 2 27in rog monitors, the crappy over priced Spartha mouse, along with mutliple other things.I just got a GL704 laptop april 2019, and i h...

Can't find the VIP Card

HelloI bought a ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING motherboard. On my ASUS Account page, I want to activate the Service Package and to do so, it says I need to enter a "Contract code from VIP Card". The problem is, I can't find the VIP Card anywhere! I have dou...

zehh0 by Level 7
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GTX 1080Ti no signal and out of warranty

Hello fine people,I've had a debate with ASUS support Scandinavia regarding a used GTX 1080Ti I purchased a few months ago. The card was working like a charm when I bought it but stopped working after approximately 3 months of use. The problem is, th...

Can't RMA my laptop

I have a GX502 that stopped working and I tried RMAing it while it's still under warranty. However, it gave me the message:Thank you for using the ASUS Online RMA feature. It looks like your serial number (SN:undefined) has already been issued an RMA...

This is what will happen to your old precious ROG friend

I have a ROG G752vy model which suddenly couldn't turn on.I sent it to ASUS for repair.Guess what, they generate an invoice of $1.7k (I bought it for 1.3k with discounts). Because they don't have any backup parts for the End Of Life(EOL) model. They ...

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