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[MUST READ Before posting in this section]

Please follow the rules stipulated below if you wish to post in this section:1. Please ONLY post here if you have already contacted customer service and have an open case ID or RMA, and: a. You have not heard back from the customer service team for o...

Bahz by Level 12
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Unable to submit RMA request

It looks like the RMA request website is broken. I've also tried online chat but there are no available agents...Thank you for using the ASUS Online RMA feature.It looks like your serial number(SN:undefined)has already been issued an RMA.For your ref...

Still waiting for repair (over 1 month)

My laptop stopped working around 2 to 3 months ago, so I tried to get it repaired at my local repair store. After 1 week they told me the  motherboard was dead and I had to replace it(cost me 100$). So I contacted Asus so they could replace it. 3 day...

Jack17 by Level 7
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Apex overclocking Issues

Hello,I have a 2021 batch Apex that I've been having issues with support wise in regard to it being not able to run anything over 5800Mhz memory speed. I have QVL approved memory that is 6400Mhz rated Team force flavor. I have purchased 3 different C...

Asus PG348Q RMA repair.

Recently I had to RMA my Asus PG348Q monitor due to a sudden formation of around 7 dead pixels. I was informed it would need to go to the service center in NZ by the Asus support phone line. The monitor was arranged to be picked up and delivered to t...

78818 78819
Zeroed85 by Level 8
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RMA: What is happening with this system?

Let me start off by saying I apologize if this is a long post, however, this problem is long and has been a pain in the butt for a while and continues to no go anywhere with any contact I have had.My case number is: [Removed]My motherboard serial num...

New RMA Motherboard will not power on randomly.

My old motherboard did exactly the same thing as this replacement board Asus sent me but with 99% rate that it would not power on unless I flicked the power switch on the PSU off for about 5 seconds.This new board that I received has done the same th...

OgerGe by Level 7
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New issues after RMA on NEW laptop

Hello, firstly my name is Tunahan.My problem with laptop was it was not booting and couldn't enter BIOS. It was related to secure boot. This problem happened on 16th of Jan 2022 (21 days since I've been using it). Other than this the laptop was worki...

Z690 Formula VRM waterblock corrosion refund

Good afternoon everyone,I need some advice as I have a z690 Formula and have used the VRM waterblock constantly.I reached out to Asus support to get advice on a refund or replacement and this was the response I got:-----------------------------------...

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