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Dark Hero IO shield LEDs will not turn on

Hello, I believe the CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO is supposed to have LEDs on the IO shield. However, regardless of what I do to Aura Sync in Armoury Crate the IO shield lights do not turn on.There is a secondary light on top of what I presume is the X57...

Weaver2 by Level 7
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Vbios V3 3090 Strix No Display

I just upgrade my vbios to the latest version with resizable bar.My motherboard is Z490 I gaming. I've also updated to the latest bios version 2005. But after enabling resizable bar in bios, now I'm having issue is there is no display output at all e...

Maxiumus XI Formula - PCIx16 slot 1 not working

I moved my computer today to organize some of my wiring, and when I turned it back on, the display never turned on. After some troubleshooting (seeing the GPU not showing up in BIOS in the PCI slots, trying other monitors) I decided to try and move ...

Asus PG329Q dimming automatically

hi allbrand new monitor PG329Q, after about 45min of play, the screen automatically dims it's brightness about 25%.Very annoying. By turning the monitor off and back on, it's back to full brightness.i've read other users having the same issues but n...

Bluetooth on the Z490-E Help!

Hey everyone, I am having a hell of a time getting the Bluetooth on my Z490-E board working. It just isn't showing up at all. I've run the Windows troubleshooter for Bluetooth and it comes back that I don't have Bluetooth on this system. So I went a...

Crosshair VIII Dark Hero NVMe instability

BIOS 3501 AMD 5950x128GB DDR4RTX 30902x NVME M2 (Samsung 980 Pro 1TB)1x PCIe NVME (WD BLACK 1TB)My system had been running smoothly for a couple of months now. Today, when I start my system, it hangs on POST at the boot stage. After doing some basic ...

kryptek by Level 8
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Maximus x hero problems

Well i hope someone can help me out with this problem I went to delete a email and my system locked up so only option was to hold the power button until it switched off (reset button would not work)When i tried to reboot the system did not boot or...

z0n3y by Level 7
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Bios fails POST after Resize Bar enabled (Z490I)

Following exactly the method here: Latest bio for Z490I installed (2005)2) GPU (EVGA 3080) updated to latest bios per mfr tool3) GPU vBIOS updated to lat...

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