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TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) no sleep option

W10 64 H2I downloaded the latest graphics driver (onboard r5 4650G), I have no sleep option in w10 settings or control panel. I have hibernate, but no sleep in any of the regular or advanced options. Bios the latestIcue and armory crate for RGB insta...

RTX 3080 - GPU-Z says 0rpm but they spin loudly

Hi everyone. I have a peculiar problem with my 3080.The model is Strix OC. The left/right fan used to spin at full speed anytime I launched a game, whilst the mid one was behaving normally.On GPU-Z this is what I could see:

Dan87 by Level 8
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Issue ROG Z590-F WiFi 5.1 audio

Hi;I have issue in motherboard ROG Z590-F WiFi 5.1 audio after update dts sound unbound from Microsoft storein Realtek audio console the 5.1 audio select didn't workwhat 's happened ??the new intel z590 is garbage f*k this built i docoil whine in mot...

Asus DisplayWidget and XG32VC

Since I have the monitor, the DisplayWidget application only controls the "Color Temperature" nothing else. If I try to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation or gamma it just doesn't do anything.Within the application if I can control the GameP...

Pezhan by Level 7
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New X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi getting Code 98

Hello everyone. I'm new here and need some guidance. I've been looking to do a new build since late last year to update my 7 year old 4790K/Z97 system. Finding parts has been next to impossible but I happen to see the Crosshair Hero in stock back in ...

Windows crashes in Raid after install (X570-I)

Hello Rog Community.I keep running into a repeatable issue: Recently a windows update messed with my machine hard enough to warrant a re-install, and I had to re-create the Raid Array (backed up everthing first)Now, after setting up the AMD raid in t...

Veovis by Level 10
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Realtek 40xx driver issues slower boot times windows

Hi,This is not specific to one board but all boards with Realtek 40XX sound chip.Did any of you notice that when you boot with standard USB 2.0 onboard sound, Windows will boot an average 10 seconds faster then when Realtek/Asus drivers are installed...

Zardoc by Level 10
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Asus rog delta (died)

Today there was a update in the armoury crate for my delta headphones and i've updated it directly.Once rebooting my pc i've noticed that the RGB on left side of my headphones is not working anymore.. removing/reinstalling armoury crate didn't help e...

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