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RTX 3090 Rog Strix- Hotspot Temperature

Since there is a new temperature readout when using the latest HWinfo or GPU-Z...I was quite shocked to see the Hotspot temperature was 105°C under full load, while the GPU temperature was only 72°C.So I took off the heatsink, repasted the die und pu...

Headphone sound issue in Ubuntu dual boot

OS: Ubuntu 21.04 Laptop: Asus ROG strix GL503GE-EN041TWhen I insert my headphones, the popup also appears to select the audio device. (Screenshot) But still sound is not coming via headphones. How to fix this issue?

Boot issue: Z390-f

After over a year of flawless service, I suddenly started getting a memory error on boot. BIOS beeps indicated a memory problem and the DRAM light remained lit. Black screen of death! Because of the lockdown, could not find a service center to fix th...

dharmaa by Level 7
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ROG Crosshair VIII Formula and Corsair RAM??

I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Formula MB and I want to put some Corsair RGB RAM in my PC.I have looked at the QVL and I can't find the RAM listed, or I can't see for looking!I am interested in 1. Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600 (...

BomberH by Level 8
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Asus ROG Strix B550-XE board bending issue

Hello everyone! I have a specific issue with my motherboard. I bought it recently and have noticed some bend after installing the board in the case. So I tried to remove the cooler and VRM radiator (I thought maybe it overtighten just out of the fact...

ASUS ROG Front Base Dual-Bay Gaming Panel Issues.

HiSo i got the latest drivers and firmware i could find online while i registered my product on ASUS.Lately my front panel has been starting to turn off my CPU fan for no reason. (Just 0RPM)I looked into the chassi just to see if this was just a soft...

Maximus Hero Motherboard Bios Update

Hello guys,I have used Rog Maximus X Hero (wi-fi AC) for 3 years and I recently updated BIOS for the first time through Asus EZ update software.During the updates, the system automatically reboots 2~3 times, suddenly American Megatrends screen appear...

Anyone got a recent BIOS for TURBO-GTX1060-6G?

Hi guysI have a problem with my GPU when I use any recent nvidia drivers (from nvidia website).I get random stutters in games (which are running at 200fps, so no problems there). It'll just "pause" for a second or two, then catch up again.If I put o...

3090 ROG STRIX OC - Freezing [Help Please]

Hi guysIve been trying to figure out if my 3090 has a hardware or driver related issue. Ever since swapping out my 1080ti strix for a 3090 strix ive been getting black screens and freezing, multiple times a day.I have installed a bunch of different d...