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Coil Whine in Z590-F WiFi

Hi;I buy ROG Z590-F WiFi , CPU i7 11700Kafter one month i have issue coil whine Especially when i play games . and this issue Annoying to me .i replace power supply , cooler aio , graphic card , cables the issue It still exists (coil whine in motherb...

Weird fan issues? Strix 3090 White Edition

HI All - is this normal behavior for our cards? The fans will ramp up to high RPMs loudly for 13-14 seconds...1-On every boot or reboot2-upon wake up from sleep3-Light usage (web browsing while watching youtube). I do see some power spikes 130/140w...

12hoken by Level 7
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Guys,Is there something I'm not seen here with my Maximus Extreme XIII and 10900k?I know that 10900k has 16 lanes that are shared but this one I'm not comprehending .. I have Strix 3090 in top PCIe@16 , then I run my OS of Asus DIMM2 with 1 Samsun...

PCIe USB 3.0 7 slots not working with Z490e gaming

Hello!Hope someone could help me, maybe a special setup or changing something that I don't know in the BIOS?I installed a PCie x1 USB 3.0 7 ports to the motherboard x1 slot.Turn on the PC and win 10 installed all the drivers without any problem, I co...

RoloF by Level 8
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Z390-F and dasKeyboard 4 PRO

I have a dasKeybaord4PRO keyboard connected to a Z390-F. When booted in an OS, the keyboard works fine, but it is not detected until during the OS boot. The result is, that the keyboard can't be used to enter BIOS setup and it can't be used to selec...

jkp35 by Level 7
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Asus z590 strix-e mtoherboard

I recently purchased this motherboard and the frist time i put the motherboard into the computer and i heard a pop sound out of the computer but never figured out what it was. I had the 11700K cpu and it would not post. I bought the 10700K and put...

both Bios not working at all!

Hey all,I have had this issue with the last 2 versions of bios, where i can not enter the bios at all. I have the 2 versions available but none work. The system just hangs when you press the F2 or delete key. If you manage to get passed that you are ...

DBEDC1 by Level 7
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Z590-A Gaming WIFI - Line In isn't working anymore.

Greetings! I've bought this ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI Motherboard less than two months ago. It worked great for a while. I have my consoles plugged into my monitor via HDMI and then using the Headphones plug, I have a Line in 3.5mm cable that conn...

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