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Maximus XII Hero does not boot to system after bios update to 2301

Hi, I recently updated bios from 2201 to 2301 on my maximus XII hero and after it rebooted system did not load. Automatic repair did not help either. Decided to wipe my drive (m.2 in case it matters) and reinstall system. All seemed to be fine even a...

rafekj by Level 7
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Xg43uq monitor HDR issues on PS4 Pro and PS5

Hi everyone,I’m the owner of this new monitor and so far I’m facing some issues with the Sony consoles and HDR.On PS4 Pro side I’m unable to have 4K HDR 60hz, the visual setting available saying for 4K resolution: 24hz (rgb) 25hz (rgb) and 30hz...

Z590-F Gaming WiFi second m.2 drive issue

Hi, I have fitted a second m.2 nvme Gen 4. The drive is recognised as a message about detecting new device at m.m_2 socket is displayed. It also says to use the device to to bios and onboard device config. No matter what combination of choices I make...

Russ666 by Level 7
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Asus PG329Q - HDR mode - sudden decrease in brightness

Good day. My monitor in HDR mode suddenly dims 2x after 30 minutes - 2 hours. This time it's always random. And it continues to work with reduced brightness. And it doesn't matter whether you are playing in HDR games or just sitting at your desktop. ...

ROG MAXIMUS XIII APEX onboard audio cause of problem

Hello. Recently I've purchased this motherboard with Intel i7 11700K CPU.For some reason if I reboot my PC I have a problem caused by audio driver for this motherboard or its onboard sound card. When Windows boots, in the moment when I see desktop my...

G752VY touchpad not working after clean Win 10 install

After drive died, did clean install Win 10 and no touchpad, just "i2C HID device, cannot start (Code 10), a request for HID descriptor failed". The device has hardware ID of "VEN_ELAN&DEV_1000".I've been all round the houses with Asus smart gesture i...

PG329Q Monitor Uncommanded and Irregular Brightness Dimming

I recently bought a PG329Q QHD Gaming Monitor and am suffering from already well reported issues with this monitor. Just posting this to rack up the complaints.I really like the monitor, it's a good balance between frames and resolution. Frames win g...

sobolo by Level 7
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Maximus XIII Can't read thumbdrive

I've got 3 thumbdrives that work on another windows 7 computer but they don't read in my new Maximus build. Must be a setting in Bios but I can't find it.

hengy77 by Level 7
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