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A15 fa506qr bios.

So I fixed the terrible thermal solution in the laptop.That said, this laptop REALLY NEEDS FAN CONTROL, either in the BIOS or the Armoury.if you would like the reason why take a look in product feed back to learn of the fixing of the thermals and why...

Internet Connection (speed)

hi, today my ISP changed my internet speed from 60 to 250Mbps. On my desktop (Asus maximum extreme XI motherboard), the speed test was almost 30Mbps but with a MacBook connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the test result was 230Mbps, the same result ...

hj1975 by Level 7
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my screen flickering and have shutdown symbol in the middle

my screen been flickering and i try to uninstall the driver adapters software and reinstall it but its never change and then my screen suddenly show shutdown symbol in the middle of my screen. i don't know anymore what to do. i just bought my laptop ...


Asus ROG Strix 3090 - Issues after RMA (France) - Need help!

Hello, Asus! I will explain my issue as clearly as possible , as i'm a French customer and don't master english that well. I purchased an Asus ROG Strix 3090 OC on October 2020, and in june 2021, the card "died". My computer suddenly shutted down, an...

GX701GX “W” key sticking, but non physically - help!

I have a GX701GX and after playing Warzone for a couple months the W key continues to be pressed when I release it. I’m wondering if it would be a key repair issue. If so any instruction on how I can repair it or how to test if that is my problem? An...