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Problem Getting Raid 0 Setup with the Strix x570-i

I can create the array in the bios no problem, but the drivers I got from AMD (bottom,top,config) do not work.With the Crosshair VII all i had to do was Create the array in the bios, make sure raid was turned on. and during windows install, use the ...

ryo0hki by Level 7
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Q-Code 02 and Q-Led green and white lights up.

I guess my Gpu is dead and here is why,I was using GPU with new monitor named Samsung G7 32" with Qled curved 2k screen. For 2 or 3 weeks only.My specs are,Motherboard Asus X570-ePSU Asus 850w +80 goldGPU MSI AERO GTX 1070 8GB OCRAM CORSAIR 32GB 4X8G...

Dts ultra pc ii

Hi all,i have problem with my asus phoebus sound card.It have DTS ULTRA PC II feature what i would like to use, but if i activate bass boost audio start cracks and pops. I tried different drivers, audio equipment and nothing help. When is boost activ...

STRIX z390-i // Intel ME failure // POST failures

I am looking for some suggestions as to what could be failing in my rig. (z390-i powered by corsair SF750)I am experiencing weird POST problems.If the computer is turned off for an hour or two, it will not turn on when pressing the buttong for the fi...

JinxPL by Level 7
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asus tuf a17 nvidia rtx3070 disappeared

Hello my friends. just update asus armory crate and nvidia driver and my rtx 3070 adapter disappeared. at device manager also. i try reinstalling windows - same thing:(. but internal amd graphics are ok. any advice? all other drivers are up to date. ...

FA506QR VEGA 8 VRAM allocation throttling performance.

I needed to make a new one otherwise altering the old one would be ignored. Machine is the FA506QR, 5800H, RTX 3070 with the 16gb RAM, 1TB NVME and the 240hz screen.It is again on the subject of the ridiculously restrictive BIOS.See when I'm not gami...

Raid array not boot after bios update

Hello,I have an ASUS ROG Strix Z270E Gaming motherboard, with last Windows 11 insider preview build.On my setup I have 6 x Sata 1TB HDD (4xRaid 10 and 2x Raid 1) and 2 x NVME 128GB SSd in Raid 0 (for operating system). I had Drivers - 2xx/3xx : 17.9....

m1hn3a by Level 7
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