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Issue with Strix B550-I and an m2 with an existing heat sink

Hi guys,my MB wont detect my NVME m2 after a new build. I have a AORUS Gen4 7000 2tb which has its own heatsink. Ive tried pushing it in as far as I could but if I tried any harder im going to break something.Ive notice the MB has a little rubber sto...

PCIE problem with 2 card

Hello all,Motherboard ASUS TUF B550plusCPU : Ryzen 9 5900xSound Card : Creative Sound Blaster X AE 5 plusI have a problem i have Sound card connected in PCIE x16_2 and usb3 PCIE card in x1_3 and my sound card don't workbut when i remove usb 3 card in...

tifo71 by Level 7
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Maximus XIII Hero - brand new mainboard and several problems

Hi,Today I installed the brand new Maximus XIII Hero (with my 10900k), but I'm not happy because I found several problems.The biggest issue is that my Seagate FireCuda 520 SSD 1TB, M.2 is not found, so I'm not able to install the OS. I checked severa...

shark75 by Level 7
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G14 Sound issue,Speaker crackling

Hello guys, ı bought a new zephyrus g14 few days ago and my left speaker is tizzling and poping in few musics and conversations anyone have trouble like this

Xenons by Level 7
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Ac/Dc adapter ADP-230GB B (UK) "wobble"

so My laptop is coming on to its 3rd month now and I absolutely despise the manufacturing of the power brick for the laptop I'm gonna assume its the same for most ROG laptops with the mains power cable being able to "wobble" about inside the power br...

fx505DU and battery health charging problem

Ive owned a FX505DU for over a year and a half and ive always set MYASUS battery health charging to 60 percent.several months ago the battery started charging to 100 percent. I have tried removing and reinstalling MYASUS,the ASUS System ControlInterf...

Unsaturated colours on GL503

When I start my computer, at the login screen, the colors are vibrant and what I would consider correct. After a short while the colors change to a washed out/unsaturated type. I have started Windows with no services, then this doesn't happen. I h...

Z370-E 3004 bios wifi won't disable

Hi Support,Bug report, just flashed to 3004 bios on Z370-E. I disabled wifi in the onboard devices menu but in Windows it is still active. Not sure if important but I do have bluetooth turned on in bios. This wasn't an issue in the previous bios I...

Enerjex by Level 7
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