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Disappearing vga

I have an ASUS hero VII. Fourth gen 4.00 ghz i7 16gb ddr 3,gtx980ti,I wanted to run Windows Seven until I replace it but FarCry Six tempted me to update to windows ten. It seems ok but support for The on hip VGA seems to have disappeared. When I try ...

Rog Thor 1200W rgb cable

Hi, I have an Asus Rog Thor 1200W and I have misplaced or lost the adressable rgb cable. I contacted my local asus support team to buy a new one, but they replyed that they don't have the cable, and it cannot been sold seperatly. Is there any way ...

Manual RAM tweaking?

Serious question instead of just flaming your poor effort with this laptop.FA506QR.I recently attempted to use Thaiphoon Burner to adjust timings on my RAM since you guys bottleneck speeds via BIOS.Speaking of which, do you plan on actually relaxing ...

RGB strips light intensity

Hi, i received a lovely RGB strip that i connected to my motherboard via 12V connectors. Sync well with Armory crate themes but the problem is that its way to bright (mix of xmas and vegas) and masks all other rgb devices so id like to know if there ...

seblf by Level 7
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Most recent Fan xpert for Win 7

I have a TUF Gaming B450M Pro S motherboard and Win 7. When downloading and installing the AI Suite 3 package, the computer gets Fan xpert 2. I wonder if this is really the latest version to support Win 7, or if I could also use Fan xpert 3 or even 4...

Rollerx by Level 7
  • 7 replies
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2021 G14 sometimes freezes for a second after unlocking

When I return to my laptop, I open the lid and unlock it with fingerprint (laptop isn't sleeping). Usually 1-2 minutes after unlocking, the laptop would freeze for 0.5-1 second (all inputs and display freezes). This doesn't happen everytime and I hav...

Thermal paste and coil noise

Is it possible for Thermal paste to make coil noise on the CPU if not spread right ?I heard it from a tech guy working with computers.Then again i had coil noise on my Hero XIII.I noticed some of the capacitors around the cpu socket was sort of loose...

Psycrow by Level 11
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Power on laptop without opening lid

Hello,i have one question, my laptop is conected over USB-c cable to monitor (99% of time ), every time to power on i must open and close lid.Also have your Asus Falchion keyboard with ROG Strix G15QR.How to power on laptop without opening lid.Regard...

Curac by Level 7
  • 8 replies
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