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Strix 3080 0dB not working

My Strix 3080 seems not possible to turn the fan off. Tried performance and quite mode and temperature was around 35 but the fans still spinning. I even manually turn off the fan using msi afterburner and gpu tweak but the fans still spinning at 53%....

Crosshair VIII Formula

I have an intermittent error on shut down of the PC. I'd say 1/3 times I tell windows to shut down the computer. It stays running; however it does shut down enough that the monitor goes to sleep mode.Specs:Win 10 Pro Latest updatesRyzen 9 3900XTCors...

NickT by Level 9
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ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega USB Ports Died Then Whole PC Died

This is my first post ever, so please bear with me. I hope my specs show up in my signature when this is complete, if not I will post them asap. I am writing this post from an iPad because I have nothing else, this gives you an idea of my current sta...

Guaranteed WordPress Website Fix

We are offering a full WordPress Website Fix.Have a website problem that you need help with right now?We’ll fix it for $199 or your money back!Order your fix today at,media@hostirian.comwww.hosti...

Do you even take feedback/requests or service seriously?

This is as much a general question as it is a specific one, because my personal experiences with staff and agents alike is plain laughable.I am not the only one to make specific requests about a certain laptop and the BIOS being useless for a lot of ...

XG43UQ issues

I love 43 inch monitors. For this reason I initially purchased a PG43UQ monitor. Returned to the manufacturer due to a suspected defect, but unfortunately returned from the repairer heavily damaged. After a lot of haggling of about 8 months I finally...

ROG key button not working on GL503GE

Hi,The ROG key button on my GL503GE is not working out of sudden along with the volume and mute mic button.I attached the image which buttons are not workingI have tried to uninstall and re-install the ROG Gaming Centre (v 2.6.1), the ROG Gaming cent...

Tukino by Level 7
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Dark hero x570 Cold boot resets all uefi

Upgraded to win 11 recently, everything was fine until i unplugged my psu to adjust some of my aquacomputer devices. on the intial boot i got the "cpu fan error" and "raid set up" messages as if i had just cmosed or flashed a new uefi.I have confirme...

zozzz by Level 7
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