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ASUS X570-E TPM module not recognized?

I just installed a ASUS TPM-SPI 14-1 pin on the motherboard. But it still not been regonized in Win 10 in tpm.msc.What do I need to do in BIOS settings to make it to work?I have set to Discrete TPM.Disabled CSM.Enabled Windows UEFI.But there are no a...

nkt99 by Level 7
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CPU multiplier incorrect Prime B560M-A AC

I read up on turbo boost 2.0 and also saw in HWinfo that the speed is being clipped due to Intel limit built in to the cpu. So never mind, no need for help after all.Disregard....-------Hi,I have the i5 10400F processor which has a turbo speed of 4....

Jimbo93 by Level 12
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there may be an issue on the fan in Myasus

Hello When I do the fan test in the customer support section and in the customized diagnosis section, it says there may be an issue on the fan, but in the slow system section, it says the fan has no problem, what should I do?

meegeg by Level 7
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G14 ga401qm MyAsus Fan Error ?

Hi Guys,I got the G14 GA401QM laptop and recently in the MyAsus app ... showed me that error/problem..Is it a thing to be nervous ?

Iavkataz by Level 7
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SSD Hot-Swap Problem

AMD Ryzen 9 3900, ASUS X570-E, Vengeance 2x16 RAMI have 2 SATA Samsung 870QVO SSD drives connected to motherboard SATA3 & SATA4 respectively, both with hot-swap disabled in the BIOS, drive letters S: & Z: I also have 1 SATA HDD connected to motherbo...

ragkag by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix G G531GT-AL017T Stripes on Screen

This problem occurred a while ago for me. I opened my laptop and realized there are horizontal flickering lines on the below area of my screen. There were some of them at first, and they just flickered for a while then disappeared. Then they started ...