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I noticed that ASUS MOTHERBOARD FAN CONTROL SERVICE crash every day, i can see that in the reliability monitor of windows 10, can anyone explain why?Description of the crash (its in italian):Percorso dell'applicazione che ha generato l'errore: C:\Pro...

DSL-AX82U Hard reset

I would like to know the correct way to hard reset my AX82U.Also a bit more info for the router ui reset.To hard reset I read switch off the router hold the wps, till lights go out the push power button, what power button, well it's a switch, so do I...

TrebleTA by Level 9
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ROG STRIX Z490-I Gaming

Hello,Is there any possibility that ASUS would modify the BIOS for this board to support Rocket Lake CPUs, namely the 11600K, without PCIe 4 support? Not worried about PCIe 4 which is probably why the board never got updated but if a small microcode ...

Specs on Rog Strix G713QRHX047T

Questions!1. Am I alone in thinking it is very noisy? ( And can this be fixed with some settings)2. Is there room for another M.2 NVMe disc, there is only 512GB in mine, or is there only one M.2 NVMe slot?3. Why dosnt it give me more then 75 FPS in W...

jes722 by Level 7
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Can I get a straight answer please.

Simple question, are there actually any plans to update the BIOS and fan curves of the A15, FA506QR or otherwise?This is not a request for it because you don't listen, what I would like to know is if anything is legitimately in the pipeline. I don't ...

Motherboard Crosshair VII Hero doesnt turn on

HiI have a crosshair vii hero with a ryzen 2700x, 5700xt gpu, 4x8gb gskill ram and 2x nvme ssds and i am running a fresh win10 (installed a week ago). Today all of a sudden i cant get my pc to turn on! I dont mean that it doesnt boot, i mean its like...

kiriup by Level 7
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[G703]Win11 Installation issue

Dear all,This thread is for G703 Windows 11 official version installation issue only.If you have a different model, please open a new thread.If you are not using the official version, please contact Microsoft.Please kindly share your installation pro...

Blake1 by Level 10
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