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Z690 Hero Driver page missing new drivers

Noticed that on the other z690 boards, eg the formula, extreme etc, which all use the same soundcard and all shared the same previous drivers. the Heros page is missing the latest versionAudioVersion 6.3.9600.23072021/12/06 561.29 MBytesRealtek USB A...

Jozh89 by Level 9
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Asus pg329q colour banding / hue shift

Hi,Recently got this monitor which on paper looks like quite brilliant but after few days of adjusting to it I noticed the right 1/4 of the screen has a banding/colour or hue shift noticeable on white/gray/cyan backgrounds mostly. Even more noticeabl...

z690 Rampage Extreme Missing NVMEs and AI Overclocking Problem

I just got an i9-12900KF, DDR5 RAM, and my Rampage Extreme board. However I'm having two issues:1) When using the AI Overclocking the BIOS says it's running x54/x43 multipliers on the P/E cores, however, it never exceeds x52/x38 even when forced to m...

Is this normal Armoury Crate activity?

Hi,the video shows cpu activity that is caused by Armoury Crate. The question is whether it is normal or perhaps the sign of an issue/bug. My system specs are all in my forum profile. To phrase the question another way, on a system that Asus software...

Jimbo93 by Level 12
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Error messages after installing Armoury Crate

These messages appear on my desktop after installing Armoury Crate:And this message appears after opening Armoury Crate:My RGB components are no longer working either, don't know specifically when they stopped. Any help would be appreciated.

90965 90966

ROG STRIX GO 2.4Ghz Random beep

while listening to music, random beep sound appear, don't know if that is battery percentage notification sound or whatmusic stop -> beep -> music continuemore likely disconnected

khacpm by Level 8
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Fans and GPU backplate colrs out of sync?

Hello all, I am using 5 rgb fans daisy chained to one motherboard rgb header and one rgb gpu backplate on another motherboard rgb header. When i try to get them to display the same colors they are out of sync except for when i choose red in armory cr...