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ROG Scabbard II cleaning advice

Hi,I would like to ask about the recommended cleaning procedure of the ROG Scabbard II.I'm asking this question because of the coating on the mouse pad ("military-grade nano-coating that repels water"). I don't want to damage it, by scrubbing it with...

Z690 Apex - Can't update Bios

I have the following:Z690 Apex12900KTeamgroup 32GB DDR5 6400 CL40Samsung 980 Pro x2 (in Dimm.2 slots)HX1200 PlatinumI can't seem to update my bios beyond Version 0231 (the first bios release). I've tried the following:1) Clear CMOS2) Bios Flashback3)...

Forgot Tuf Fx705DT Bios password ANY RESPONSE APPRECIATED

Hello,Laptop: Asus Tuf Fx705DTSo like the title says, i forgot my password for the bios, unfortunately it was the Admin one. I can still access as just user, though it basically doesn't let me do anything in it. Is there any way to access or rese...

Rog maximus z690 extreme new build - won't post

New build and I can't get it to post. Q-Code halts on 55. I've tried 2 different brands of DDR5 - ADATA XPG Lancer 41600 and TeamGroup Elite DDR5 4800 - I've tried sticks one at a time and 2 sticks at a time - I have not mixed the brands together.I'v...

KilROCK by Level 7
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Memtest on z690 apex

Use 12900k, g-skill z5 (6000 cl36), asus z690 maximis apex.Set ddr to xmp1 profile (6000 , cl36).Every time when i run memtest from the bios i see memory speed @ 4800. How to test actual ram settings in memtest on apex?

refresh rate screen glitch

Whenever I switch my refresh rate to 120 hz the screen glitches. I usually have it in 48 hz so I didn't notice until recently. At first there would just be a black bar on the bottom of the screen but now the whole screen is just black. I've had no i...

Puchiko by Level 7
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prime h570 no viedo or post so far

Hi guys n gals, Bought a asus prime h570 plus board recently, i5 10400 processor, and corsair vengeance ddr4 3200ghz memory. I have checked and double checked all connections and memory seating on the board. The board powers up fans come on but I...