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Z690 Maximus Extreme q-latch doesn’t lock

Hi there. *I’m trying to install some m.2 ssd’ in the m.2-2 and m.2-3 slots and the q-latch won’t lock into place. *It’s stopping where the white piece that looks to go over the pcb hits the pcb instead of sliding over it. *I’ve tried a 960 pro, 980 ...

Shamma by Level 7
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TB not working after BOS upgrade 2204

Hi!I have a Z690 Proart Creator WiFi mb connected to a Motu 828ES and a Focusrite 8PreX via Thunderbolt used for music production.This has been working okay (in Win 10 with BIOS 1720) although quite often with some problems regarding initiation of au...

Hackej by Level 7
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Z790 HERO has two problems to be solved

1. USB3.2 Gen 2*2Type-C When the device is inserted, it will be powered off once for recognition2. When using 4NVME+4SATA to build two RAID, it can't automatically boot into windows, and 1 5 10 can't, but sata can automatically boot when using four 5...

zcat777 by Level 7
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ROG x670 Crosshair Extreme Memory Code 00

As the title states, i an getting a memory code 00 when booting up my pc. The only thing is that, i was just gaming on it perfectly fine last night. I went to go shut it down through the windows start menu, and it shut down fine. But when i went to s...

Asus ROG Strix X670E-E "double boot/post" issue

Hi,Brand new AM5 build (coming from an AM4 build with an Asus board as well) with a 7800x3d , 2 x CL30 6000MHZ EXPO dd5 64gb.When power is removed at night, the first boot will result in the machine turning on for 20sec, turning off then back on agai...

zbugrkx by Level 8
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Asus Rog Strix X670E-I M.2 (And USB) problem in Boot

Hello to all.I have an Asus Rog Strix X670E-I (Mini ITX) board since a few weeks ago. It has a problem that I don't know if it's a BIOS issue or if the board is broken...The problem is that randomly (approx. 50% of the times) does not detect one of t...

TonyML by Level 7
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Z690 Formula PCH/Chipset Temperatures

Good afternoon everyone,I was just wanting some advice with my Z690 Formula motherboard.I am experiencing very high chipset temperatures at idle/load ranging between 82-90CI dont think this is normal, and if not how would I best tackle this? How woul...