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DARK HERO X570 unable to get in to BIOS

So I had this board for few months now and one thing that really bugs me with this board, a part from few other issues, is that it will not allow me to get in to BIOS (even with current 3801) when pressing DEL key on the keyboard during POST. I'm usi...

DCTech by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ - Doesnt support g-sync with RTX 3080 ti

Hey guys,Ive faced drops in frames while playing any game (league of legends, ffxiv, elden ring) i checked if the g-sync is activated on the monitor through monitor menu and it was on,*i reduced the refresh rate to 60hz and the issue still there. How...

domy1 by Level 7
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BIOS Issue with ErP

M/B= TUF GAMING X570-PRO WIFI IIOn this board, it appears that the ErP setting in the BIOS does not function properly.If you set it, and shut down the system, it will correctly power off the system ( S5/G1 )But if you disconnect the power plug and p...

FA506QR Power Bricks?

Question.Why are there 2 bricks for this model?There's a 200w brick which ships with the laptop, and there's a 230w version too. I mean those extra 30w could be used if you ever allowed more juice for the RTX3070.I specifically checked compatibility ...

TUF X570-plus (wifi) updated bios now microphone doesn't work

As the title states I updated my motherboards bios the other day to the latest build 4202 after that both of the usb microphones I have available to me no longer work.I have since moved back down to bios 3603 in hopes that that would fix my issues. I...

Missing M.2. Q Latches

Hello, Anyone else missing M.2 Q Latches?Asus support said they couldn't get the parts.$260 motherboard with missing parts? No help?

$40,000 Work station - Request ASUS to help complete it.

Hello Team ASUS,I am writing here to obtain help about a system I am building as the replies to the customer support are polite but slow, each reply is taking days and it is not reaching the level of support that is needed for this existin...

pwpau by Level 7
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GTX1080 running hot in new computer

I just built a new computer based on:Asus B550I Gaming motherboardAMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU32GB DDR42TB SSDMy old computer had an Asus GTX1080 A8G Gaming graphics card. It works flawlessly and as graphics cards are still very expensive, I decided to move...