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Z590-E - BIOS 1402 - Battlefield 2042

Installed 1402 BIOS, BF 2042 crashed 3 times very quickly.Reverted back to 1301, no crashes.I know BF 2042 is not the most stable game, but the 1402 BIOS seems to make it unplayable.Jeff

Skepher by Level 7
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Z390-E Gaming strix bios 2004 will not post

from 1302 and up windows 10 will not post i am using corsair dominator platinum CMT32GX4M4C300C15 i get yellow then red lights back and forth untill it posts to bios safe mode i have to press f1 and set xmp for it to post to windows what thee actual ...

Z690-E Gaming Wifi - Hyper M.2 Card Strangeness

Hello everyone,I'm really struggling with my Hyper M.2 card that came bundled with my ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI board. First, let's get the system stats out of the way:ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming WifiIntel 12900K (No O.C.)32 GB G.SKILL DDR504800 (@600...

pittfurg by Level 7
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Problem running 2 GPU'S Maximus Formula z390

My issue is when both cards are plugged in my screen goes black ( never used to be like this ) both cards work perfectly fine when plugged in individually and in all slots. They even mine perfectly fine and stress test fine, not much degradation from...

Asus Maximus Hero Z690 - Audio Crosstalk

I have an issue with the onboard sound with audio crosstalk.If for example I am in Discord, the people I am connected to can hear whatever it is that I am listening to on my headset. It can be in game audio or it can be youtube but they can clearly ...

Log_cal by Level 7
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Rog Strix Z590-E Gaming Wifi sound issue

EDIT : It turns out the problem was my DAC, not the motherboard. See my final post for the exhilarating story.Hello there.I'm having issues with the optical audio on my new Strix Z590-E Gaming Wifi. I have tried both the Asus and Microsoft drive...

ROG Strix G513QY does not go to sleep in Windows 11

Hi,I have ROG Strix G513QY laptop. It does not go to sleep. When I close the lid it does not go to sleep. The sleep does not work also if I choose sleep from windows 11 shutdown options. Sometimes laptop might shutdown display and keyboard lights, bu...

asus Maximus xiii hero errore Qcode IC

Salve sono nuovo e al primo assemlamento pc. Il mio problema che ho riscontrato è stato che nel momento che ho attivato dal bios la voce intel (VMX) virtualizzation Tecnology per utilizzare la vitualizzazione Hyper-V nel momento in cui spengo e tolgo...

patfall by Level 7
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z690 hero & strix-lc-rtx3080ti-o12g HDMI issues on boot

The SpecsI just build a PC with the following specs: focused on the MB (ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO) and GPU (ROG-STRIX-LC-RTX3080TI-O12G-GAMING) due to the issue.The PSU Setup2x CPU power cables are connected.3x ...

Helvete by Level 7
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