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Version V12021/08/10 7.59 MBytesBios update toolUpdate: Compatibility for Monitor Display PortName: RTX3080_V1.exeSize: 7955840 bytes (7769 KiB) whate...

kubr0 by Level 7
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Touchpad does not always work

Hi, anyway, here's the situation. I have an Asus laptop with a touchscreen, but lately the touchscreen sensors on the screen can randomly stop working and on the regular touchpad (which is a mouse) too. Then (most often after an hour without working ...

Dzhizus by Level 7
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G733GX not starting up

Need help on a G733GX that doesnt start at all. After I press the power button, only red backlit lights on keyboard then it turns of again.This happened after a request of MYAsus to restart the laptop*

testing post

It's testing post. Please don't reply it.!@#$%^&*(),./\*+.

ROG Strix 3070 TI noise

Hey, i have an noise issue with my ROG Strix 3070 TI and i can't figure out what it causes.The problem starts to occur when the fans start spinning, aroung 60°C with an speed of 54% with and an usage of ~50%. The noice is clearly noticeable and i’m n...

ROG Crosshair VIII Hero WWi-Fi crashes to black screen constantly

I figured I'd check here to see if anyone has a solution. Basically, the computer crashes to a black screen, fans spin at full speed, and I have to cut off power at the PSU to get the machine to turn off, as the power button does nothing. Occasionall...

taskr36 by Level 7
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Advice Needed on RMA damaged 3080

Hello everyone.So I had a 3080 that got completely wrecked by the RMA service. Actually posted about it on the service inquiry thing .The thing is though, something tells me I won't actually receive any help there 'cuz I'm pretty sure the mods don't ...