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Strix Scar 15 - killing my hard drives

I have a 2021 Strix Scar, Ryzen 5800 / 3070. After getting the laptop I installed a sencond 2TB drive. That worked for around 6 months then one day dissapeared. Sent it back to Scan and they sent me a replacement. That lasted a few weeks and d...

V_Syn by Level 8
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G513IC-HF061T and Wake on LAN

Hello,I have the model mentioned and I want to use Wake on LAN function. I enabled magic packet on adapter propieties and enabled power management with only one packet, but when I hibernate or power off the laptop, the network interface keeps off.The...

krafg by Level 7
  • 6 replies
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Maximus Hero WIFI XII & Sonic Studio Problem With DCS Simple Radio

I had this working OK for the most part with the original discs but I was constantly having trouble opening up the Sonic Studio so I downloaded and installed the latest Realtek drivers and software. I really need a graphic EQ that works properly bec...

scotth by Level 7
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maximus XI hero with 2 m.2 ssd and gpu at x8 and not x16?

Hello,Here is my problem:I got 2 new m.2 ssd to put on my motherboard. 2 are 970 evo plus. They are both recognized natively on the motherboard, updated to the bios number 2004. My graphic card, since it was always on the pciex16_1 running at x16, su...

JaEDias by Level 8
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ProArt Z690 - Thunderbolt Daisy Chaining not working

Hello,I do have a ProArt Z690 and do also have a 4k Thunderbolt Monitor that supports daisy chaining. I am using it to connect an additional 4k Monitor via one thunderbolt cable.This setup works fine on my laptop.Now I was hoping to use the same setu...

Use ROG fan controller without USB 2 header?

Hi there everyone, this is my first post on the forum so if it's in the wrong place let me know!I want to use the ROG fan controller with the z690 extreme I've just bought, however in the instructions it says to plug the bord into a usb2 headder via ...

PSYKOnz by Level 9
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New Build-Stumped

I have the following below. The MOBO is actually the newer WiFi II version. When I plug it in the RGB lights come on the MOBO. When I go to turn it on the fans on AIO blink for one second and then nothing else happens. Any ideas?CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600...

dmclone by Level 7
  • 3 replies
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Z690-G RAID1 always unsafe shutdown on clean power off

Still having this problem unfortunately, and hopeful that someone else may have seen it by now.My boot drive is a RAID-1, comprised of a pair of M.2 Samsung SSD 980 Pro 2TB drives using VMD. I'm running Windows 11 Pro.The issue is that 100% of the t...

Marvel card issues

My setup is a R6E and an amd with a c100c in it. When I first got the R6E I didn't notice to many drops from websites and such but I did notice what I found out later to be a firmware problem with the soldered nic.R6E windows driver updated from 2.2....

Contact by Level 7
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