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Need Help With TUF Gaming Build!

Hello,I recently built a new TUF Gaming system but the problem is that ARGB TUF Logo on the LC240 AIO Pump doesn't seem to be working as it should. As you can see below, currently its ARGB cable is connected to the 3-way connector and plugged into 'A...

ROG STRIX G15 wifi problems

So it's been 4 months of me putting up with the horrendous ping issues and constant disconnections in games and apps like discord with this MT7921 wifi card. I have tried about all the drivers in myasus and none have solved these problems. At this po...

xWanaZx by Level 7
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Above 4G Decoding and Rebar Hero Z690

The setting to enable resizeable bar is there (Z690 Hero) but above 4G decoding is greyed out and I can't enable it. Do both need to be on for Rebar to work?

nimco82 by Level 7
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asus rog maximus xIII hero chipset idle 75°c

asus rog maximus xIII hero chipset asus rog maximus xIII hero chipset idle 75°c I have everything with liquid cooling cpu, gpuand it doesn't go down. what can i do? i have 14 fans of 140 gpu 30-50 °ccpu °29-45 °c but the chip at 75 °c+

G513QR SSD Firmware Update

Good morning. Is it ok to use the SK Hynix Drive Manager to update the the SSD firmware on my G513QR? Thank you.

G513IE Videos Keep Changing Saturation Repetedly

Hello,My specs are as follows:ROG STRIX G15 G513IE (300hz display)RYZEN 7 4800H16 GB RAMRTX 3050TIWindows 11Now on both Edge and Chrome I open Youtube and then all the videos keep changing saturation repeatedly, even when the video is paused, sometim...

Prime Z690-P CPU Fan speed not working correctly

I have a Prime Z690-P and all setup working perfectly with Windows 11, but noticed an oddity with the CPU Fan. I'm using a CoolerMaster EVO V2 but the same happened with the Intel stock cooler.Basically the speed goes in reverse, by that I mean as t...

plee5509 by Level 7
  • 22 replies
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Laptop G713QR issue

Hello! I'm having a problem with crashing games for 3 month.Every games crashes after 3-30 min without any errors. It was on win10 as well as it's now on win1 I've updated all drivers and DirectX, Microsoft C++, Net framework 3.5&4.8, Direct Play . D...

Alf-life by Level 7
  • 73 replies
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Crosshair Hero VIII Startup Issue

My system has 5900X processor, Asus ROG Crosshair X570 motherboard, 4X16GB Gskill NEO 3600Mhz GTZNC memories, EVGA RTX 3070TI FTW3 graphics card and BeQuiet Straightpower 11 850+ Gold Psu.My motherboard has a startup problem. I've seen others have ha...

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