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Z370-E --> T_Sensor not working

UPDATE: I eventually got T_Sensor working at some point while hard-resetting CMOS and re-flashing the BIOS.-------------------The T_Sensor external temperature sensor doesn't seem to be working on my motherboard. Can anyone confirm whether this is ...

carn4ge by Level 7
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STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4 Sound Issues and BSOD

So I have the ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4My CPU is a 12700k.I initially had Win10, it ran ok, no BSOD, and I don't remember crackling audio.I upgraded to Win11 due to the fact that the cpu scheduler handles the 1700 socket ie 12000 series cpu's b...

zasy99 by Level 8
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Bug in B660 bios Load Line Calibration

This new bug has come up during the search of a way to limit energy cpu demand of my i7 12700 because of another bug explained in this thread, when all setti...

w4rdog by Level 7
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Asus Rog Thor 1200w PSU Sparked and smoked on first start up

Let me start by saying this is my first time building a Gaming pc. I might have had the 0 db fan turned on and I also had 4 SATA attachments on one loom from the PSU which were CPU pump, USB hub, HDD, and fan controller. after the spark and smell of ...

Open NAT multi port fwd of same port.

I'm back again and after some more advice. If I use Open Nat to say xbox one@ xbox one profile then say add fortnite to the open Nat for the same device. Multi pull ports of the same tcp/udp get opened on the device. So it could get port 80 forwarded...

TrebleTA by Level 9
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Asus DSL -AX82U VPN Web UI changed.

Hi, I think I would ask why VPN Client web UI was changed as it was handy for thing like set top box's etc.On my DSL-AX82U on Firmware version my Web UI VPN Client use to look like see pic.But since the newer firmware it had changed...


ROG STRIX Z690-I Z690I - Unable to update Firmware

Hello ! trying to apply ASUS_IT8851_USBGen2x2_V005.exe but it's not working...if I run with my Windows 11, I noticed some files being decompressed and after 1 second, the files get vanished.I made a video:

Thor 1200w W display

Hello,IMy display monitor is not working on the ROG Thor 1200w..It comes on for a second when starting it up after that nothing..Now the ROG emblem and the slash RGB on the right of the are working just fine..Any thoughts on the matter?Thank you,

David14 by Level 7
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I seem to be struggling to Port-forward on the GT-AX11000

Some troubles with trying to port forward with the GT-AX11000 firmware've tried both Symmetric and Open cone NAT TYPE, Both manual and automatic setting up. I am sure have port forward enabled first of all. I've tried rebooting th...

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme Z490 Problems?

Hope this is the right place for this.Hi guys I built this system like September of 2020;Windows 11 Pro everything updated.All drivers updated.My Gaming RigOk here it goes While I was playing a game everything was going fine and I did notice that my...