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What's going on with the Maximus Z790 Extreme?

I have been searching online stores in the US market and have noticed that this motherboard is now listed as "out of stock", "discontinued" or being sold on eBay for well over MSRP. I was told by one store that Asus is asking customers to purchase th...

ag368 by Level 9
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Z790 Apex broken?

So I just received my z790 apex and changed it for my MSI z790i Edge.After 2 hours of hard work I press the boot button and my PSU clicks endlessly and the pc obviously doesn’t boot. Debug LED showing 00.So without the gpu connected it goes to POST (...

yaa11 by Level 7
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ROG Claymore II: Certain keys not working.

Hi there.I'm not sure if my keyboard received some damage recently after I swapped my room around, but ever since I reconnected everything to my pc, the whole 2 middle rows of keys have stopped working from q and a to enter.I have tried resetting the...

X670E-E wont post/boot reliably.

Hey all,I built this PC in December as a novice, after saving for a "dream computer." The dream didn't materialize. I am not an expert, or even moderately knowledgeable person, when it comes to PC building, so please be patient while reading:I have b...

DRAM Q-LED lights up

Have a new TUF Gaming B550-PLUS motherboard where I mounted first Kingston FURY Beast2 x 8GB, 3600 MHz, DDR4-RAM, DIMM banks, then also tried with Kingston FURY Beast2 x 8GB, 3200 MHz, DDR4-RAM, DIMM.I have also mounted the banks individually in the ...

neno77 by Level 7
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So when gaming or even randomly using the desktop the system will black screen and shutdown with the Qcode - 00. Everywhere I search says the code is not used or means there is a CPU problem. Well this is now my 3rd 7950x and second ROG CROSSHAIR X...

huppra by Level 7
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[Z590] Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero - PCH High Temperature

My PCH temperature is fairly high, which concerns me. I'm used to everything else in my system being pretty chilly, usually around 28-30 C. The airflow is also really good. The *only* thing that gets hot is the PCH, and i don't understand why.-- Some...

EncodeGR by Level 9
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Asus B760 & LLC ia ac dc values

i have a 13600k with an asus rog strix b760 gaming-f. (yeah did not know i can not properly undervolt with this board lol)So, no matter what LLC i chose the auto value of DC_LL is always 1.7 ohm. Is that normal?I mean for exampleLLC #3 (auto value of...