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AMD EXPO Laptops maybe?

Just been catching up on Youtube stuff with upcoming tech and learned a bit about AMD EXPO and DDR5.I was wondering if that's going to be a desktop only thing for Zen 4 and DDR5 or will it be coming to any other AMD DDR5 platforms like the 6000series...

WiFi issue DSL-AX82U-AX5400

I've noticed a problem, that if a wifi device is downloading a large file, and then if I try to access the AX82U web UI from another wifi device like laptop or mobile it will fail to connect to the asus Web Ui, this is the same for the asus app, no ...

TrebleTA by Level 9
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USB constant disconnects

I've put a new system together (ASUS Maximus XIII extreme glacial z690) with all new hardware, and I'm getting constant disconnects from my mouse. I've tried several different mice different ports reinstalling the USB controller[*} reinstalling driv...

A15 FA507RR ram capabilities?

I recently came to own a FA507RR through a competition.Currently I use a FA506QR, Running the Kingston Fury Impact CL20 kit which I believe is PnP tighter timings without the use of XMP.I have been in touch with Kingston about the DDR5 variant of tha...

Asus ROG Strix Z690-A D4 auto updating to 1720 on reboot?

I needed to roll back to bios 1504 to fix some issues and after rebooting from my first boot EZ flash comes up and will automatically reflash 1720. I do not have armory crate installed and I am so confused on why it is doing this. I have attempted to...

G703GI: Low sound from right side only

Hi,as the title says I have problems with the internal speakers on G703GI.Testing with the Windows speaker test, the sound coming out of the right speakers is barely audible, while the right side is fine.I've updated the drivers, checked all balance ...

Chiller by Level 7
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ROG Strix Z590-i CMOS Battery Location

Hi everyone.Somebody can help me to locate CMOS battery location on a Z590-I motherboard?I have constantly cycling reboot problem with this board in any stage or booting level - POST, BIOS, OS etc. No matter what I tried - replace the PSU, memory, po...

roiman by Level 7
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Problems with WAN LAG setup between AX11000 and SB8200

Hey everybody,So a couple weeks ago I broke down and upgraded my home router to an Asus GT-AX11000. Originally I was interested in the AXE11000, but since there was no way to disable the 6GHz band in favor of a second 5GHz band, I decided to jus sti...

Windows11 Realtek sound drivers are problematic.

Hi, Looks like games on windows11 cause sound problemsWhile playing PUBG, sound suddenly decreases and amplify disappears in the Realtek control panel.Motherboard: ROG Strix Z390-FRealtek Drivers: Official-6.0.8960.1, Official-6.0.9244.1, Unofficial-...

92819 92820
gkhann by Level 8
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