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Rog strix z690-f not booting for no reason. Dram led on

[ISSUE RESOLVED]Hi,My z690-F had shut down from idle state in Windows, and won't boot again, stucking on yellow led (dram) every time.Nothing has changed (hardware/bios settings) since last successful boot.Clearing cmos (via button on the back or fro...

vova-ko by Level 8
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AX11000 wifi latency

Hello there,I wonder how high/low other people's Latency is in games like Warzone. At the moment I can only find matches in the 50-60 latency area.I got a 1000/1000 fiber optic connection. Is a latency in my range fine, or should it be lower?My rout...

Xeonide by Level 7
  • 2 replies
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Reboot to black screen with ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI

Rebooting will very often result in the monitors never coming on (including seeing the bios boot screens) and the computer boots into a weird state with no way to get the monitors on. It does this when rebooting from Windows or from Linux.I've seen ...

Oafed by Level 7
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USB 3 Flash Disks/not showing in BIOS

This is a new problem on a 2 year old PC. The symptoms are:1. Larger/newer USB drives are not listed as USB devices in the USB Section of the Advanced menu.2. Larger/newer USB drives are also not listed in the boot menu. 4. The problem occu...

rosefire by Level 7
  • 14 replies
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G14 battery wear

Is it normal, than in the condition where laptop is mostly used with the AC power and only accoasionally running on batttery, the battery wear fluctuates around 5%?I have read some articles about it, but did not found a clear explanation.

masi0 by Level 7
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Intel W-Fi 6e AX411 will not install in Win 11

I have been trying to replace an AX201 card with the newer AX411 Wi-Fi Network adapter. This has happened now with two different cards but I cannot get the drivers to install on the device. I have quite a bit of experience with this and even tried ...

Pc Blue screening after upgradring gpu to rtx 3080/3080ti

Hi guys I am loosing the will to live here, I have tried everything to date and yet I am getting this error and I have no idea how to fix this. I upgraded my gpu to a rtx 3080 in june and I ran a utube video and the entire pc froze and restarted, so ...

Please fix alignment issue with Crate

This is with version the Dashboard so the graphic is hidden. The numbers for several of the temperature values are too far to the right and can't be seen. This occurs after the Crate window is resized. The only way to fix is to resta...


windows 11 Ryzen stuck at 0,54ghz

Hello, i'm using dark hero viii with 5900x and 32 gigs of trident z royal cl16 and my cpu goes down to 0,54 ghz and i cannot get it back up to normal speed unless i turn off pc and unplug it then plug it back in and power it on, or put windows 11 to ...

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