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Fluctuating Asus AI overclocks

I have a 12900K with an Asus Z690 Extreme motherboard (bios 811) and a Ryujin II AIO and recently decided to enable AI Overclocking in the BIOS. Up until then the stock CPU core speed in Windows 11 at idle was 4900 Mhz, as reported by CPU-Z. With AI ...

Asus Z690-E Gaming post problem

Hello,Recently built a new computer for my kid, using the z690-E original bios v0503 updated to v1505, the machine is having issues posting it can take more than 30 seconds going through the postcodes and will have to force it to shut down as it will...

Too many NVME's ??

Hi!Long story short, I had a ROG Strix Z-690 E-Gaming WIfI motherboard that I had to RMA 3 times (It literally caught fire the first time, then the memory controller just died for the last two rma's, and killed both memory sticks in the process), com...

madspec by Level 7
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So I'm back on this one again.So after using the isp device not a glitch, soon as i'm back on the DSL-AX82U-AX5400. It's just not right, the vdsl2 line speed is decreasing, the signal margins go from 1.0 to 5.0, I get my dsl dose not function error a...

Windows 10 and AI Suite installer issue

Hi there, I have a ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO and unfortunately something really bad happened with my system that I got 4 consecutive BSOD's and eventually the system wouldn't boot. After formatting and getting all the drivers and tools I realized that wi...

G513RC upgrade potential/Warrantee questions

Hi there, I've recently bought a strix G513RC model laptop for school usage and I have a few questions.I've unfortunately had compatibility issues with Win11 and the software provided by my School to complete coursework.Would creating a new partition...

ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603 Sleep Issues

Hello guys this my first post, I have a ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603HE, when the laptop its going to sleep when i try to waking up the laptop, it not wake up (press any button in the keyboard)but its going to shutdown just like we long press the power butt...

z590 prime M-plus

I would like to know if the 1st slot nvme is occupied at the same time as the 1st slot pcie, will the 2 hardwares work at best or will their set decrease the performance of one or the other?Thanks.

barbe by Level 7
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