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ASUS TUF-RX6800-O16G-GAMING ubuntu driver

hello,I want to ask about this graphic card for driver because i cant find driver for ubuntu as i search on google but i found ubuntu drivers for AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 these

Card22 by Level 7
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HELP Cpu Speed and Temps are stuck ..

I'm using 5900x with Dark Hero VIIIwhen gaming, sometimes (quite often) the cpu speed and temps gets stuck and not fluctuating (@hwinfo64) and when i went to check at ryzen master, it couldn't run because it seems like the cpu is missing.. and when i...

ASUS ROG Claymore II number pad issue

Hi,I've had a Claymore II keyboard for a few days now and it worked absolutely fine to start with. Now though, there's a problem with the number pad. It has started randomly spamming numbers (2, 5 or and occasionally the decimal point or +. Also usi...

Are Claymore 2 doomed or am I really unlucky ?

HiI am looking for advice/experience regarding Claymore 2 keyboard. I bought 2 of them 1 year ago (1 blue, 1 red) at 2 weeks interval. So far, everything was OK.Last week, the blue one "died". L, O and Fn keys suddendly stopped working => OK, unhappy...

Crazy high voltage on Strix 670x E

I'm on 705 bios but what is the deal with the auto voltage pretty much pinning the voltage to 1.43v on my 7700x? It fluctuates some but is over 1.4v at 90% of the time, even when it's doing nothing .Obviously I know I can change and I set a offset an...

PG42UQ: Loud pop and artifacts w/ original power cord.

The PG42UQ loudly pops and shuts off when using the included power cable. Before recording, the screen began to have horizontal artifacts. This issue was present with HDMI and display port cables and was only resolved using an aftermarket power cable...

Krydex by Level 7
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Is my Ethernet (I225V) dead? ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING

Hello Guys,yesterday my PC switch off during gaming and for a couple of minutes I wasnt able to restart it. Somehow it worked again but since then I do not have a working Ethernet Port anymore. In the device manager I see: In the BIOS the Ethernet de...


Unable to update bios using EZ Flash 3/ x670e Hero

As the title says unable to update bios using ez flash. When i go to update the bios i get to the prgress bar and it just shuts down and re-boots.I am currently on bios 0705 but it didnt work on 0420 and 0611. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Loppy1 by Level 7
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asus Strix 3090 OC + i9 9900k + Maximus 11 MOBO

Hi all, Need some help to figure out whats going On. Hardware is:Asus Strix 3090 OCi9 9900kMaximus XI Extreme Mobo32 GB (4x8GB) DDR 4 - 4000 G Skill trident royal memorySamsung 980 Pro 512 gb1200 Thermaltake PSUI have the above mentioned hardware tha...